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Written by Shaina Veeneman   
Sunday, 24 March 2013 19:34

Quote Your Life 
Two Tri-State tech gurus launch a stylish, yet tech-savvy, device so you can capture, save and share moments through their functional and fashionable design.


It's been said a million times: "You should have been there!" And now, thanks to two Tri-State tech experts, it's more possible than ever.

Mike Sarow, a former Proctor and Gamble brand marketer and engineer along with social media entrepreneur Matthew Dooley, founder and chief executive officer of Dooley Media, are the creative minds behind a wearable audio-recording device, called "Nugg-it," that captures nuggets of conversations.


Sarow was traveling around San Francisco with a friend and came up with the idea when they were sharing funny jokes and good stories, explains Dooley. "We thought it would be neat to be able to capture these quotable moments in real time." Social media covers pictures and videos well, so Nugg-it will be a breakthrough when it comes to capturing audio.

To save a memorable part of a conversation, the user touches the device to save the last minute of buffered memory. That recording can be sent to a smart phone and through an app that can be edited, saved and shared.


Matthew Dooley, co-founder of Nugg-it

Nugg-it is unique in a number of ways. First, it's a wearable tech device in a new, emerging market and within this category; Nugg-it is the only product allowing people to capture unique audio content on a 60-second loop, saving them in one-minute "nuggets." The design of the product is very distinct; Nugg-it will be stylish and comfortable to wear. "We're aiming for a device that both men and women will want to wear every day, both for its functionality and its fashionable design," explains Dooley.


"Currently, we're finalizing the design of our first prototype as well as networking to attract additional investors. Plans are to deliver the final concept in March, and introduce it to the market by December," Dooley explains, adding that we've been able to secure about 40% of our seed-stage funding. We're looking for the right investors to help us close that gap. In addition to angel investors, we're hoping to secure investment via the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter.

"We are not ready to share the design concepts at this point, but we have made the design our top priority. Our product design firm, Design2Matter (D2M), has a great track record and we're excited to be partnering with them to bring this device to market in late 2013," explains Dooley. Nugg it will launch an official campaign this summer on Kickstarter.

Visit the Nugg-it Facebook Page to stay up-to-date on its latest announcements and developments.


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