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Written by Lauren Schwab   
Sunday, 27 January 2013 13:29

Cincinnati, Get Ready for Spincinnati
A female-focused fitness boutique in Hyde Park is launching a new program that puts a new spin on Spinning called "Spincinnati." See how you can give it a spin for free.


Candice Peters, owner and operator
of Hyde Park Body Boutique

"If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you," says owner and operator of Hyde Park Body Boutique, Candice Peters.


Hyde Park Body Boutique, she explains, is committed to giving women the tools and support needed to achieve and surpass their fitness and lifestyle goals. "We are not your typical gym," Peters says. "We are a fitness community that will get you in better shape mentally and physically. Everyone supports one another."


The boutique offers training for women of all ages and fitness levels. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve athletic performance, post-natal reconditioning or enhance your quality of life. The staff also believes in empowering a fitness community outside the boutique by presenting fitness demos or a free class on location to schools and organizations. Peters recently visited a fourth grade Girl Scout Troop to get them up and moving.


Peters discovered her passion for health and fitness through her love of power walking and longing to help others achieve their health goals. Peters saw a need in Hyde Park for a fitness community and longed to work for herself. She developed effective and cost- efficient programs through studying trends and figuring out what works for the community. Peters advises others with business goals to believe in themselves and trust in what in what they are doing, "If you’re good at what you’re doing, you probably know it," Peters says.



Hyde Park Body Boutique offers a variety of programs comprising of a three-month boot camp, kettle bells, bars and belles, barre, cardio core, TRX, run club and yoga. The boutique is also giving a new spin to Spinning called "Spincinnati," and it combines an intense workout, inspirational coaching, high-energy music, and a full body workout by incorporating hand weights. Give it a try, Peters says, because your first class is always free at Hyde Park Body Boutique.


In the future, Hyde Park Body Boutique plans to expand its exercise facility to a second location in Cincinnati and continue offering more programs as their fitness community grows. The boutique creates a community for motivation and support by currently holding a First Friday Fitness Series. This is an overall health series comprised of book and documentary reviews, monthly weigh-in and measurements, before and after photos, general nutrition advice for meal planning and recipe exchange. The community creates vision boards and discusses how to achieve their goals.


In addition, Peters provides health and fitness resources on the Hyde Park Body Boutique Facebook page. "Like" the page for access to these resources and an uplifting community. To learn more about Hyde Park Body Boutique, view the class schedule and pass information, visit or call (513)399-7275.

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