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Sunday, 20 January 2013 12:34

Sustainable Style
A new locally based company, lur™ apparel, produces stylish, affordable and sustainable styles so you can look good and feel good, too. Learn more about their eco-friendly fashions and their meaningful mission.


 Locally based lur™ apparel features eco-friendly clothing

Eco-friendly products have been popping up in every aspect of our lives, and fashion is no exception. One local company, lur™ apparel, is on the forefront of that movement as they specialize in producing fashionable, affordable clothing, that makes a difference for the planet.


"We wanted to do something to give back to the world," says Mark Heiman, co-founder of lur™. "We knit beauty, sustainability, and social responsibility into every item of clothing." Heiman and co-founder Alan Brown formed their business, Tulong LLC, in 2008 and created two clothing brands, Repair the World and lur™ apparel. Launched this past August, lur™ apparel is a brand that emphasizes stylish and timeless fashions for women. "Our current designs in lur™ consist of dresses, sweaters, tops and other fashionable items that are built sustainably," explains Heiman. "We carry timeless pieces that reflect mainstream trends and contain fashionable colors and designs that will last a very long time."


Heiman and Brown emphasize sustainability and promote social responsibility through the social enterprise they have created. "Our business has a three prong bottom line. Most businesses focus purely on the financial bottom line, but our two additional bottoms lines, environmental and social, set us apart and help us impact the world."


Tulong LLC and lur™ apparel have a cutting-edge manufacturing system that allows them to be completely sustainable. All of the apparel are cotton and polyester blends that are made from entirely recyclable material. The cotton is taken from scraps of cloth that manufacturers do not use to make other items of clothing. "About 15-20% of cotton is thrown away as cloth scraps," explains Heiman. "We purchase them to prevent waste, and they help us create our quality clothing."


The polyester in all of lur™ apparel's items comes from plastic bottles. Many people do not know that polyester and plastic water bottles are both made from petroleum, and lur™ apparel takes these cleaned, recycled plastic bottles and shreds them to make polyester that can be blended with cotton fibers to make strong, comfortable, and eco-friendly clothing.


In addition to being environmentally friendly, lur™ apparel is also socially responsible. They work with socially conscious manufacturers that must obey their strict code of conduct, pay their employees fair wages, and does not use any child labor.


Heiman and Brown also give back to less developed countries. "We do all of our manufacturing in Guatemala," Heiman says, "lur™ apparel gives to two different nonprofit organizations in Guatemala, Friendship Bridges and Miracles in Action, to help rebuild their infrastructure and help Guatemalans learn to be self-sustaining." Not only are they providing chic and quality clothing, lur™ apparel is also providing a chance to create long lasting futures to those in poverty.


"A piece of clothing should benefit more than just the wearer," says Heiman. "Our unique fabric allows us to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and we are helping people in Guatemala educate themselves, receive loans, and help them become stronger and rise out of poverty."


Heiman says their products are strong too, as they're specifically designed to last. "You won't tear pockets off your hoodies, lose drawstrings in the washer, or wear uncomfortable fabric," he adds. "We have taken the time to produce clothing that is guaranteed to last, but won't break your budget."


Tulong LLC's and lur™ apparel's products are available in a number of different stores in Cincinnati, including Yoga Home and That Skate Shop. All of lur™ apparel's products are also available to purchase online. "It has been our goal to produce fashionable items that are mainstream. While our clothing is eco-friendly and sustainable, we haven't forgotten about the fashion. We have a variety of tops, dresses, and sweaters that will fit any style and will last for years," says Heiman.


This year, Heiman and his team are looking to expand lur™ apparel to the midwest and to keep producing stylish trends, eye popping colors, and keeping customers trendy. For more information on lur™ apparel, visit their website at

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