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Sunday, 06 January 2013 15:41

Chic Spotlight: Anne Jacobs, founder of Battle 4 Beauty 
One local lady designed a mind, body, soul and style makeover course that helps women gain a new self image. See how it can help you find a new you in the new year.

Anny Jacobs, founder of Battle 4 Beauty

Cincy Chic: What is Battle 4 Beauty?
Anne Jacobs, founder of Battle 4 Beauty: The Battle 4 Beauty is an 8 week complete makeover course for Spirit, Soul & Body. Women attend the course for 3 hours once a week. Each class consist of a beauty topic teaching such as color analysis, camouflage techniques, or style, for example, but also includes a time for personal self discovery during their group sharing time. The participants have beauty homework each week. The daily homework is comprised of all three elements; spirit, soul and body and include de-cluttering and renewing their wardrobe, personal discovery journaling and spiritual growth opportunities.


Cincy Chic: When and where did Battle 4 Beauty start?
Jacobs: The Battle 4 Beauty course actually evolved from a self-esteem course that I taught at "In His Image" Ministries. I created this ministry for abuse survivors in 1996. At that time I specifically taught only to women seeking recovery from abusive lifestyles. Over time I discovered that many women wanted to attend the course but were not in the same lifestyle situations as those who were currently attending. In 2000, I transitioned from the current ministry focus and began to reach out to all women who desired to feel better about themselves and look better too. This new course became "The Complete Makeover Course."
In 2006, I began to get a new concept for my course and "The Battle 4 Beauty" was birthed. The difference in this course is that I wrote the spiritual study for the course out of all of my experiences over the years as opposed to the other course where I would purchase a spiritual study and we would go through it together as I taught them their beauty applications. "The Battle 4 Beauty" is now a course that is synced across all of a women's elements; Spirit, Soul & Body with like focus and goals. Women graduate from the course knowing that they have addressed their complete person and now continue on their life's journey satisfied in who they now know they are. Life just becomes more simple and satisfying once you know who you are and become her.



Cincy Chic: What services do you offer with Battle 4 Beauty?
Jacobs: At this time I offer the B4B Course, and I'm available to speak on specific Battle 4 Beauty topics at any women's venue.


Cincy Chic: What makes this makeover course unique?
Jacobs: The course is spiritual in nature and focuses on your importance and unique design by a loving, Creator God. In addition, components of personal growth are added in to allow women to have a well rounded view of themselves. The icing on the cake is learning all of the fun, personal beauty stuff too!
I've enjoyed over the years watching women grow and heal in multiple areas. Graduates make all types of lifestyle changes once they discover who they really are. In addition to revamping their wardrobes, they have changed their careers, redecorated their homes, and sought marriage counseling just to name a few. We are comprised of a spirit, a soul and a body, it is impossible to address one and not lean into the other.


Cincy Chic: How can others get involved with Battle 4 Beauty?
Jacobs: New courses are beginning the first week in February. You can choose a morning, afternoon or evening course. This is a great opportunity to make a new years resolution and start off 2013 excited about who you will become!


Cincy Chic: Where can our readers go to learn more information about the course and other information?
Jacobs: You can visit the website hereto learn all about the course and to register.


Cincy Chic: What's next on the horizon for you and Battle 4 Beauty?
Jacobs: In 2013, I will be focused on teaching the course as well as writing two more courses. I would like to write a course for childhood abuse survivors and for single/divorced women. In addition, I have plans to write courses for the high school and junior high school levels. I think of them as tools for Big Girls and Little Women.
Next year, I would like to begin recruiting for trainers to teach the course. I have developed a course to train women to become B4B Trainers and they will ultimately be running their own business as certified image consultants. I consider what I do a "businestry" and that is what they will have the opportunity to do as well. Potential candidates will come from the Battle 4 Beauty Makeover Course. I'm very excited for what is ahead.


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