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Written by Shanice Graves   
Monday, 30 July 2012 09:04

Aesthetic Value
The Center for Optimal Vitality, specializing in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, launches a new aesthetic program with hopes to enhance self esteem across Greater Cincinnati.

 Paula Provenzano, director of aesthetic services at the Center for Optimal Vitality


Good skin is always in style. That's why the Center for Optimal Vitality (COV) is launching a new aesthetic program at its Mason and Edgewood locations.


The new skincare services complement COV's mainstay offering: bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. COV's director of aesthetic services Paula Provenzano says many of their clients struggle with various healthcare and skincare issues related to hormone imbalances, which include adult acne, dry skin and pigmentation.


Gina Worrell, COV co-owner

"The [aesthetic program] was mainly added to the program to service the clients who are already coming here," Provenzano explains. "They can optimize their visit with us." The new aesthetic program ranges in services from facials, waxing, dermal fillers and chemical peels. "What we found is that when women and men start to feel better through the hormone balancing or HCG weight loss, they become very interested in taking care of themselves in bigger way," explains Provenzano, "taking care of their skin is big part of that."


Skincare is a natural business expansion, says Provenzano, because it's important to people across the board. "It’s the largest organ in the body. It’s an organ of detoxification. It’s the only organ exposed to environmental stresses such as wind, weather, temperature changes and sun exposure," she adds. "It’s also the first sign someone sees that they’re getting older. Skincare is important for a person's overall sense of confidence and well being."



COV treats a full range of patients from men and women to teenagers and those in their 80s. The products offered at COV include a physician-dispensed product line. "We have a very potent skincare program," says Provenzano. "That was very important because a lot of our patients can't come in every week or every month, so one of the important aspects of the program is to really give them the tools that they need to take care of their skin on their own."


To learn more information about the Center for Optimal Vitality and its new aesthetic program, visit

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