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Written by Linda Palacios   
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 06:27

Model Manager and Maker Lori Colwell
One local woman helps aspiring models build their portfolios and get their foot in the door. Learn how her work helped turn a Cincinnati girl into an international super model. 

She can mean the difference between just aspiring to be a model and landing a spot in Marie Claire magazine. She is Lori Colwell, agency director of Model and Talent Management (MTM Cincinnati).


Colwell helps men, women and children get their start in the modeling world by acquainting them with the Cincinnati market. "Cincinnati is a good place to start to get experience," she says.


While many of the talent Colwell works with stay in Cincinnati, others use their MTM experience to break out in the larger markets like in New York, Los Angeles and even Europe. In fact, Colwell herself was the first person to see now-super-model Amy Hixson when she walked in the modeling agency's door.


Like any other client, Colwell helped Hixson gain experience and learn "the business," which helped Hixson develop from a lanky 16 year old into a stunning star. "She was kind of a tom boy, so when she would come in for photo shoots, I would have to bring her my shoes and my clothes," Colwell says. "She was just wearing jeans and flip flops all the time." 


So after Colwell helped her get her foot in the door with scouts, agents, auditions and jobs, Hixson signed with an agency in L.A. then New York and now in Europe. Hixson has graced the cover of the Victoria's Secret catalog and the pages of Marie080210BEAUTY2.jpg Claire magazine.


And it was Colwell who was there to guide her in the beginning. "I spent a lot of time working with her and her mom and explaining the business and helping them make the right decision for her as far as when to go to a larger market," Colwell says.


While Hixson was tall and thin, people of every shape, size and age can be models in the Cincinnati market, Colwell says. In fact, Hixson had trouble finding jobs in the Tri-State because she was so tall and thin. "You could be 20 or 50 and still work in Cincinnati because it's a very commercial market," Colwell says.


To learn more about gaining experience and becoming a model, check out


Top Photo
Photographer:  Neysa Ruhl 
Model: Lori Colwell

Bottom Photo
Photographer: Rob Deaton
Model: Kendal Elder
Hair and Makeup: Carly Pundt

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