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Written by Amy Scalia   
Wednesday, 14 July 2010 05:38

I See Londyn, I See Fashion
Like fashion? You'll love BlogFashion. Written by a local lady who goes by Londyn, this blog features creative ideas for mixing and matching, helpful hints and flattering ideas.

Londyn isn't her real name. But what she posts to BlogFashion are her real outfits.


Kathy "Londyn" Harrington has always loved the glitz and glam of fashion and is consistently inspired by how people express themselves and their personal style through fashion. "This blog has become a great outlet to connect with people who are interested in and inspired by the same things," she says.


She didn't have an outlet for her fire for fashion until Kasmira Kit, author of the What I Wore Today blog, introduced her to the world of fashion blogging. On May 13, 2007, Harrington wrote her first blog under her pen name "Londyn."


"It's so crazy to look at how the blog has changed and grown since then, as well as myself," Harrington says. "It serves as a diary of sorts to events and times in my life. It's like my personal trip down memory lane."


In a nutshell, Harrington blogs about what she wears and why she wears it. She also enjoys blogging about fashion, trends, tips and tricks, as well as the goings on in her life.


"This blog allows you to spy into someone else's closet and is a great way to share style ideas and connect with some amazing fashionistas," Harrington says. "In addition, this blog is an accessible resource for women who may feel uncomfortable with the idea of 'being fashionable.' "


BlogFashion is perfect for anyone who has ever questioned how to mix and match, wondered what styles will flatter their body type or has ever uttered the phrase, "I have nothing to wear!" Harrington says.


She says she may be a fashionista, but she lives a pretty normal life, so her blog is very relatable. "I feature looks that are stylish and chic but everyday wearable for women who work in a business casual environment, spend weekends around town with family and friends, and have the occasional dolled-up night out or special event," she says.


Some of her readers' favorite posts:


 Since starting the blog, Harrington has been asked to be a featured fashion expert on many occasions. Beyond being called to be a shopping advisor, she also was asked to showcase her expertise at the Locals on Living Savings Summit, where she showed the audience how to wear one dress four different ways.


But the most important door this blog has opened is the one to her true self, Harrington says. "It can be a daunting and confrontational thing to have to look at yourself every day, write about yourself, how you're feeling and what you're doing," she says. "Doing these things almost every day for three years has forced me to continue looking at my life and asking the question, 'Am I happy?' "


Plus, she says, the blog has given her an insider's look into everyday people's lives and style. And, in turn, they get a window into her life, too. "It's so inspiring and motivating to be linked with so many amazing people around the world!"

Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: Kathy "Londyn" Harrington

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