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Written by Emily Terbrueggen   
Wednesday, 16 September 2009 05:44

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Queen City Fashions Earn Celebrity
Tame your tendencies toward wanderlust and the lights of Tinsel Town because right around the corner a local lady is dressing the brightest stars in Hollywood and beyond.

Basking in a national limelight is an opportunity that doesn't present itself too often, and most Cincinnatians usually leave the screen time to the Bengals. But right across the river, a Covington woman's fashionable faux furs are shining brightly as they tackle the entertainment industry, while the Bengal boys are just tackling each other.


Reality Directs Designer toward Fake


Before starting her own business in the late 1980s, designer Donna Salyers already had the show-business bug. She starred in her own syndicated television program about sewing and fashion and had her own newspaper column on the same subject. Her entrepreneurial fire wasn't lit, however, until her plans to buy a full-length mink coat were foiled by a disturbing report by radio personality Paul Harvey. The upsetting account of kittens being skinned and marketed as mink teddy bears quieted Salyers' desire for animal fur forever and inspired her to pursue a career in a "kinder alternative."


"It occurred to me that I could have been about to buy a kitten coat. I was horrified and couldn’t buy [an animal skin] coat. But that's when I thought — 'a faux fur business is a great idea!'" Salyers says, and in that moment Donna Salyers' Fabulous Furs was born.


Furs Faux Everyone!


Fabulous Furs is one of the leading manufacturers of faux fur apparel in the country and satiates the world's need 092109FASHION.jpgfor luxurious fur apparel without having to harm innocent animals. "What's the point?" Salyers asks. "Why do you need a coat made of animal skins when there are so many beautiful fakes that are so much more practical?"


Salyers' garments have been featured heavily throughout all areas of the entertainment industry including movie and television sets, fashion magazines, celebrity public appearances and even the personal wardrobes of royalty like Queen Silvia of Sweden.


If you look inside your September issues of Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire magazines, you can find full-page fashion editorials featuring faux furs by Salyers'. From the soap opera starlets on "All my Children" to rapper Ice-T and Hugh Hefner's girlfriends on "The Girls Next Door," everyone loves Salyers' Fabulous Furs. Even Michelle Obama and Oprah have purchased furs from Salyers!


For more information on Donna Salyers' Fabulous Furs, visit the Web site at, and make sure to register for Fabulous Furs' 11th Annual Saturday Salon Series on Oct. 17. 



Photo courtesy of Donna Salyers' Fabuous Furs



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