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Written by Katie Sayers   
Tuesday, 17 February 2009 00:37

Giving Wings to Social Butterflies
Giving back to the community can be a great way to meet new people. Check out this list of the most magnanimous ways to mix and mingle.



For those social butterflies out there who are busy mingling and flitting from one social event to another, finding the best volunteer opportunities that fit your social calendar is not as hard as you think. There are many opportunities here in Cincinnati to volunteer for the arts, all while doing your favorite thing: Meeting new people.


Kristin Suess, interim director of Enjoy the Arts, says volunteering is a great way to meet people because of the already similar interests combined with a shared goal and the ability to network. "In every opportunity volunteers get to meet others," Suess says. "Decide what you want to get out of volunteering. If it's networking, some of the social events will allow you to cast a wider net, but sitting on a committee will give you enhanced connections."


So where can you find these volunteer opportunities?


Suess says the most prominent group listing for Cincinnati is through the Fine Arts Fund's Arts Services Office. "The best way is to contact the fine arts groups directly," Suess says. "Most, if not all groups, have a volunteer section on their Web site."


For newcomers to volunteering, Suess suggests a planning committee for an annual or seasonal event as a great place to start. "As part of the planning process, you will meet regularly with a group of enthusiastic and creative people and have that end thrill of seeing your project come to fruition," Suess says.


There are many volunteering opportunities with the arts here in Cincinnati. Suess' recommendations for social butterflies are the ONE Parties at the Cincinnati Art Museum (artistic parties that highlight current exhibitions and artists), Taft with a Twist at the Taft Museum (an event to socialize with others who are into art and culture), the Gala after party at the Cincinnati Opera, and at the Know Theatre (where there are opportunities for volunteer bartenders in their cabaret space where they can mix with newcomers and regulars). TW-09909-Cinci-Chic-Banner.gif


"Another good opportunity is being an usher at the Cincinnati Art Association, where there is the chance to socialize and the ushers get the added bonus of seeing the shows for free," Suess says. "Also, check into the Bacchanalian Society for an on-going party that benefits many worthy groups. As a host or hostess for an event, the job is typically to invite all your friends to come and enjoy the event."


Currently, Enjoy the Arts has around 100 volunteers in its database. Enjoy the Arts specifically recruits volunteers for its 20/20 Festival in the fall. "We need volunteers for planning and working shifts, for on-going office tasks and special events, as needed," Suess says. "If someone has an interest to volunteer, we try to accommodate them."


With the number of volunteer opportunities in Cincinnati, Suess offers advice to finding the opportunity perfect for you and your social calendar. "Look for an organization that sparks your interest and then sign onto an opportunity," Suess says. "Don't be afraid to try something new after your initial experience, either within the same organization or with another group."


So when you want to spread your social butterfly wings, check out these great opportunities to volunteer for your local arts and make new connections along the way. For more information on these volunteer opportunities contact the Fine Arts Fund's Arts Services Office by phone at (513) 871-2787 or by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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Model: Kristin Suess

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