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Written by Amy Scalia   
Monday, 02 April 2012 00:19

Chic Spotlight: Katy Morgan, Fox19 Meteorologist
We catch up with this local meteorologist to chat about everything from weather to weddings. Keep reading to learn more about this forecasting femme.


Katy Morgan, Fox19 meteorologist

Cincy Chic: It's been a year since we last checked in with you. what's new?
Katy Morgan, Fox19 Meteorologist:Of course, the big news is that I'm married! I was married on Oct 22, 2011 here in Cincinnati. The ceremony was at Knox Presbyterian (where we are church members), and our reception was at The Westin, overlooking Fountain Square. I think my husband and I have really settled into Cincinnati nicely. Having lived in many places, it's hard to call a place "home," but I can truly say that Cincinnati is my home! We love it here. For the wedding it was important to show our friends and family how wonderful Cincinnati is, and everyone was pretty impressed! I can say that I wouldn't have changed a thing about our wedding; it was perfect for us! (Even the weather held up, of course, for a meteorologist! It was sunny and 60!)


Cincy Chic: You were a Navy brat growing up. Where did you live?
Morgan:Proud to be a Navy brat! Funny enough, though, I've lived many places, but our family never moved while my dad was in the Navy! He was a pilot and flew EA-6B prowlers. The prowler squadrons were only stationed in one place in the U.S., and that was Whidbey Island, Washington. So, that's where I was born and raised, until my dad retired.


Then he got a job in the Pentagon in Washington D.C., so we moved to northern Virginia (Woodbridge) and lived there until I graduated from high school in 2002. Since then, I've lived in Columbia, Missouri (for college -- GO MIZZOU!) and then moved three more times for my job in TV (Topeka, Kansas, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and now Cincinnati).


Cincy Chic: What was your favorite place to live growing up and why?
Morgan:Growing up, I'd probably say Washington, D.C., because there is tons to do there. Moving from the Pacific Northwest, where the states are much bigger and places are much more spread out, to D.C., where everything is so close, I learned quickly you can get places much quicker! (For example, it took all day in the car to drive through Washington to get to another state, but from D.C. you could drive to New York City in the same amount of time and travel through many more states.)


I also love the history that the East Coast has. So much of our American history happened in my backyard in Virginia. (We lived about 20 minutes from Manassas and the Battle of Bull Run.) I love history, so there were day drives we could take to battlefields, colonial towns and such.


Cincy Chic: Has your Navy brat experience made your transitions easier in the broadcasting industry?
Morgan:Great question! I think, yes. Even though we didn't move around while in the Navy, I still think my family's many road trips and moves outside the Navy helped shape the person I am today. Living on base when I was little, friends came and went as their families transferred, which is similar to working in broadcasting. People come and go every so often, so you constantly make new friends. I learned that at an early age from being in a close-knit Navy community.


I think the popular saying in the Navy, "Home is where the heart is," also helped me branch out more when looking for work in the broadcast industry. In this industry, you need to be open-minded when it comes to moving for work, even if that means moving away from family. I kept that in mind when I got into TV, knowing that my "home" would always be where my parents live. They live in St. Louis now, but again, Cincinnati is the first place since I started working that I can now call "home," instead of St. Louis. (And good thing, too! Cincinnati is much better than STL. Go REDS!)


Cincy Chic: You have an affinity for aircrafts -- please share!
Morgan:This is because of my dad, the pilot! He flew EA-6B Prowlers in the Navy, a four-seater, radar jamming aircraft. I have a love for airplanes because I grew up around them. It may sound silly, but I absolutely love the smell of an airplane hangar! Brings back great memories of living on base. The sound of a military plane is also really neat. I was very used to that as well, so one of my favorite things to do in the area is attend the Dayton Air Show in the summertime. But, I also like commercial airliners.


My dad used to take my brother, mom and I to a place in D.C. to watch airplanes fly in and out of Reagan National Airport. He taught us how to distinguish between Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas and other airplanes and tell what type of aircraft they are (737, A330, MD-88, etc). It's like knowing the difference between a Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang for cars.


When we would fly commercial, my dad would pull out a map and ask me where we were. He taught me how to use geography and topography (no GPS!), how to figure out where we were flying over. I thought that was pretty neat. He also had plenty of Navy flying stories about weather. (I think this is why I got into meteorology and geography!)


Cincy Chic: You also love road trips and are up to visits in 46 states -- which ones are left?
Morgan:I love road trips because my parents always piled us in the car for day trips or longer road trips growing up. We have family in Missouri, so we made a couple of trips from Washington state to Missouri growing up. We stopped at many historical markers, battlefields or other interesting sites along the way. I've been to Little Bighorn, Dinosaur Park in South Dakota, Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, Wall Drug and battlefields galore. And that's just the west half of the country.


I can't even remember how many places we've been after moving to D.C. But, it taught me to appreciate how diverse America is! Every place is different, but beautiful in its own way! (cheesy, I know.) I'll put it this way: My family isn't the Walt Disney World, beach vacation type family. We are the Gettysburg battlefield, Boston history tour type family. I appreciated it then, but much more now. (I always did want to go to Disney World!) I kinda see us as a less-dramatic Griswold family.


As far as states go, I'm down to four, and they are all in different places of the U.S.: Alaska, New Mexico, Louisiana and Rhode Island. If I have the opportunity to go out of my way on another trip to visit a state I haven't been to before, I do it.


Cincy Chic: Where can people go to keep up to date on your forecasts and adventures?
Morgan: Our website,, is great for the morning blog and weather updates. Also, my work Facebook page, Katy Morgan WXIX, and Twitter account, @fox19katy, are great places to get the latest forecasts. I also tweet and update Facebook about other things going on in my life; mostly it's about Mizzou sports. I'm a big fan!


Cincy Chic: Anything else you'd like to add?
Morgan: Just more about me and my new husband! We are really enjoying living in Cincinnati, with our dog Casey (named after Sean Casey) and cat Chessie (named after the Chessie Cat railroad mascot). We're huge Reds fans! Tom, my husband, is from Lima, so he's been a Reds fan since he was little. We actually just got back from Reds spring training in Goodyear, Ariz. It was his birthday present. I surprised him with a trip to see the Reds practice and visit the Phoenix area.

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