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Written by Linda Palacios   
Saturday, 12 June 2010 09:36

Chic Spotlight: Channel 12's Bob Herzog
This guy knows how to have a good time both on the air and off, but he also knows how to help a good cause. Find out more about this local celebrity.

Cincy Chic: You wear a couple different hats in your life, but how did you decide to take the broadcasting route?


Bob Herzog, Channel 12 anchor, traffic reporter and lawyer: Organic Chemistry. That's the easy answer. I was sitting in a pre-med class at [Xavier University] and thought "What am I DOING here?" I think that happens to a lot of people in organic chemistry class. [Smiles.] It just didn't feel like the place I was supposed to be or the direction I was supposed to be going.


Very early on in my life I realized that I liked being a storyteller. Be it at a family get-together, on the stage, on radio or on TV, I found myself drawn to presenting. It just took me a while to understand what that might mean for a career.


Cincy Chic: Beyond anchoring the Saturday morning news and producing "The Cooler" segment, you serve as a Channel 12 traffic reporter. Tell readers a little more about how you spice things up on Fridays.


Herzog: Well, it was all just a total goof one Friday morning a couple years ago. It was 5:45 a.m., and there was NOTHING going on traffic-wise. I mean NOTHING. Nothing in the Cut-in-the-Hill. Nothing in the Lockland Split. Nothing in terms of new construction. Nothing.


So, I called up to my director and told him to play some music during my next Traffic Alert and I would dance while I did my segment. That was it. One time thing.


But then, inexplicably, phone calls and e-mails started coming in suggesting that I should do that all the time. Next thing you know, Dance Party Friday was born. Every Friday morning just before 6 a.m. if it's nice and quiet, I cut rug in my sad little West-side style (sprinkler, lawn mower, grocery cart). [Smiles.]



I still can't believe it. I have two left feet and look like a total goober. I guess maybe that's the point, though. It's just a light-hearted tradition now. It's a way to start the weekend and, hopefully, a harmless and fun way to make people smile. That's why we still do it. The idea that on Good Morning Cincinnati we can get people all the information they need and maybe make them smile too is a really special thing. I'm very fortunate to work at a place like that with people that think that's a good thing.


Cincy Chic: Your Dance Party Fridays have exploded into a craze and you now have Dance Parties to Go. How does this spin off work?


Herzog: I like thinking of it as a spin-off. It's our "Joanie Loves Cha Chi." [Smiles.]


As DPF got more popular, e-mails began pouring into me requesting that I go out and learn some moves from this group or that. So I thought, "Why couldn't we do that — and bring a camera?" There's actually a form on our Web site now where people can request a Dance Party to Go. Basically, I tell people to come up with a routine about 45 seconds to a minute long and try to teach it to me when I get there. Whether it's at a business or a school, it always tends to be a tension reliever. Everyone we've visited has been awesome.


Cincy Chic: After dabbling in broadcasting a bit, you went back to school to earn your law degree, so how does being a lawyer fit into your life?


Herzog: Right now, I'm registered as "non-practicing" with the Supreme Court of Ohio. My work at Local 12 has taken me in a different direction — for a while. One day I'm sure people will come to their senses and realize that I have no business being on TV and I'll have to hang out my shingle. For now, though, I love what I'm doing too much. So, I'm going to continue this journey and see where it takes me, knowing that one day I may return to the law.


Cincy Chic: Outside of work, I hear you have a philanthropic heart. What charities and organizations do you spend time supporting?


Herzog: Oh goodness. One of the great things about this job is you quickly realize just how many wonderful and worthy organizations there are out there, all with people that devote an unbelievable amount of time to deserving causes. I get out to as many events as I can with a variety of groups. I've been so blessed to get to do this job here in my hometown, and so getting out to help just feels like the right thing to do. I'm going to miss some folks, but some of the groups that come to mind are The Freestore Foodbank, Special Olympics, The American Cancer Society, Living Hope Transitional Home, The Muscular Dystrophy Association, Bethany House, St. Joseph's Orphanage and Children's Home. I know I've left some folks out, but that just goes to show how many great charities are out there.


Cincy Chic: When you're off-air, what do you like to do for fun?


Herzog: Gosh, as long as I'm with my family, I'm pretty good to go. I'm not exactly a party animal. [Smiles.] T-ball and school programs keep me pretty entertained. I do like watching sports, especially college basketball.


And one to two times a year I get to work with the Children's Theatre of Cincinnati down at the Taft. I LOVE CTC. They're a great group of people to work with. Last year in addition to their holiday show, I got to be Gaston in "Beauty and the Beast." That was pretty awesome.


Cincy Chic: What do you love most about Cincinnati?


Herzog: It's small enough to feel like a small town, especially out here on the West side. And yet, it's large enough to make going downtown feel like a vibrant trip to the bright lights of the "big city." It's just — home.




Photographer: Neysa Ruhl

Model: Bob Herzog

Location: Lofts@4120


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