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Monday, 07 November 2011 03:42

A Turkish Bath at Home
One local lady took her experience at a Turkish bath to create a product that would help stateside women achieve similar results. Read on for more about MicrodermaMitt.


Judy Nural's skin had never felt so smooth and clean. As an ex-patriate living in Turkey, she experienced her first Turkish bath, a cleansing and exfoliating skin treatment, a few years ago.


"What came off of my body was just incredible," she says. "My whole body was just slippery and smooth as a wet baby, so after experiencing that and living there and having it done on a regular basis, I wasn't able to find any treatments that did anything like that in Cincinnati."


Upon moving back, Nural decided she needed to create a product that would give American women this experience without having to travel to Turkey. She already had worked in product development, so creating the MicrodermaMitt in 2005 built on her previously honed professional capabilities, she says.


"They just offer numerous benefits for everybody - those with dry skin, aging skin and acne. It takes your skin down to the newest level of skin, so the newer, brighter skin is apparent as soon as you're finished," she says.


Uniquely, the MicrodermaMitt uses no chemicals to exfoliate, so it's only water that does the cleaning and exfoliating. The product is also reusable, so it only needs to be replaced every three months or so if the customer is using it regularly, Nural says.


The product works for a variety of skin issues, because of it's cleansing process, Nural says. "It actually treats and prevents acne by removing the layer of skin on top, unclogging the pores and other residue that may have been trapped in the pores," she says. "By using that on a daily basis and keeping those cleaned out, it doesn't allow a pimple to form."


To cater to individual and various needs in skin care, MicrodermaMitt now makes three different kinds of its product: the Face Mitt, Body Mitt and Zit Mitt. Additionally, the company now offers a makeup removing mitt that tackles all the cosmetics on the face, including waterproof mascaras, Nural says.


"The [makeup remover] has been really, really popular because it completely and thoroughly takes everything you have on your face off," she says. "It doesn't change the pH of your skin either. That's the result of the microfibers. That mitt lasts at least nine months."


All the products cater to the jetsetters, as they have no liquid in them, so they can be carried on airplanes. "It's great for traveling because once you check your liquids, you can still take off your makeup and clean your face," Nural says.


Regardless of how or when customers use MicrodermaMitt's products, though, Nural says that the company's goal continues to remain clear. "It basically works for anybody who has skin who wants his or her skin to look younger and more radiant," she says.

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