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Written by Julia Burks   
Monday, 25 July 2011 03:59

Green is the New Black
One Cincinnati business helps you keep it green at home to save money and help the environment. Read on to see what you can do to make sure your home is energy efficient.


072511HEALTH.jpgGoing green, especially inside the home, is something that has become extremely popular recently. Les Fultz, president of Cincinnati Maintenance, is here to help Queen City residents to make their homes greener.


Fultz has had an interesting journey in becoming green; he spent many years working in the carpet cleaning industry, but he started to see that the company he had been working for "did not follow the best practices including awareness on proper cleaning chemistry," Fultz says. He also found out that there is a significant amount of environmental hazards with carpet cleaning. He wanted to become a part of the solution, not the problem, so he created Cincinnati Maintenance. This professional move also has been reflected in the greening of his personal home.


A way to make life greener is to start at home, he says. "It starts with people being more aware of the choices they are making and aware of how they live day-to-day," says Fultz.


Being aware of what you are doing will help your home become more green. Evaluate the cleaning products that you use in your home: Do they have chemicals in them? There are ways to reduce chemicals in your home by just changing laundry detergent and regular house hold cleaners.


Fultz personally recommends Shaklee, he says. "They offer many products that will eliminate toxic products in your home," Fultz says. This company makes a concentrate, called Basic H, and it can be used for almost anything. They also have a laundry detergent that uses natural ingredients to wash clothes. People just have to do the research and find products, such as the Shaklee line, that will help with that.


Fultz also recommends using concentrates, "so you don't have to buy as many bottles to do the same amount of cleaning," he says.


Another way to make a home greener is to make sure it's airtight. Several local companies offer in-home energy audits, allowing homeowners to gauge the energy efficiency of their homes. Fultz says that installing a programmable thermostat will reduce energy consumption around eight percent annually. Also, installing low-flow faucets will help to reduce the water consumption or water footprint in the home.


Instead of buying lunch at work, pack it at home to create less trash at work. Create a recycling program at your house. In addition to that, you can purchase great products that will help you compost your food waste. "There are a lot of exciting new products that can help you with these transitions," Fultz says.


Fultz also started a Cincinnati Maintenance Green Living blog as a campaign to help benefit not just the local community but communities across the country as well. The blog is about initiatives, products and services that can help make people's lives green. He has created a series of videos with participants that include the City of Cincinnati, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful and several other local businesses around Cincinnati. "It has been an exciting campaign, and we are always working towards more participants for the green tips videos," says Fultz. The videos from the blog have reached over 10,000 views. Some of the videos have been used as resources for employees on the websites of major corporations, such as


For more ways to green your life, you can visit Cincinnati Maintenance's website or blog.

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