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Written by Amy Scalia   
Monday, 13 June 2011 07:14

061311FEATURE.jpg This One's for the Boys
We asked you to nominate the special men in your life. We selected six men - fathers, husbands and brothers to Cincy Chic readers - who prove chivalry isn't dead after all. Keep reading to learn more about these marvelous men, as we work on finding a way to clone them.

A month ago, we asked our Facebook fans to nominate the "good guys" in their life for a chance to be featured in this issue of Cincy Chic. We received numerous responses (see ladies, there are good guys out there!) and 061311FEATURE_Deckard.jpgnarrowed it down to these spectacular six. Here are the nominations that stole our hearts.

Congrats to the winners. You deserve every bit of the recognition this feature gives you. On behalf of the Cincy Chic staff and readership, I thank you for treating the ladies in your life so well, and for serving as amazing role models for our future generations. 


Paul Deckard, Nominated by Wife Andrea Deckard
My husband, Paul Deckard, is seriously the best partner, provider and father there is. We have been together for 18 years! He is my best friend who is a constant support to me. He is honest with me when I do something stupid and he loves me in spite of it. He is our boys' everything; a true example of a Godly father with a fine blend of love and discipline. He works all day and comes home and cleans the kitchen after dinner. He does laundry without being asked (and, well, someone has to do it) ;) Truly words cannot express just how amazing I think he is; you have to see him in action to see the real deal, which is why he should be chosen!


Dan Mahaney, Nominated by Wife Tracy Mahaney
My husband, Dan, is ABSOLUTELY the BEST! Dan is a fabulous father to our three children. He doesn't let a day go by without playing with them, coaching both football and basketball. He's an
061311feature_mahoney.jpgamazing provider, as an intelligent and hard working estimator. He's a terrific husband, making me a priority and supporting my endeavors. He's a best friend - he's the first one I want to share good news with and the last one I want to see before I go to bed each night. Special kudos go out to him for his support and love as I took on Marathon training and ran the Pig (my first marathon at age 37). He was on the sidelines with our three children at four different spots along the route! Thank you, Dan!


Todd Harris, Nominated by Wife Chris Anne Harris
The moment I met my husband, I knew we would be married. He was the guy for me! Fun, nice, caring, loving and he had these blue eyes that shot right thru me. But most of all, he made me laugh. We met in January, were engaged that December, and married the next May.


We decided to try for our first child some five years later, only to find out we were stricken with infertility. It was a major blow to us, as our ultimate best chance at a child was IVF. We decided to take the plunge, weekly doctors visits, daily shots and the whirlwind that is IVF. 


My guy was there 150% of the way, administrating my shots, rubbing my feet and waiting on me hand and foot. We found out 061311_feature_tharris.jpgIVF had worked and we were "with child"! What a miracle! One week later, we were devastated to hear we had lost the pregnancy. It was a truly marriage testing, faith testing time for us.


We prayed and took comfort in each other and realized it was not in our hands, that we have a great life, great marriage and whatever happens, happens. Four months later, we got a surprise that I was pregnant naturally after given a 2% chance of ever conceiving. It was such a blessing!


My man waited on me hand and foot, came to every doctors appointment and ultrasound appointment, as there were many with this complicated pregnancy. Nine months later, we welcomed our little sweetie - Annie. I knew when I met him that I was so blessed to have him as my partner in crime, but what I didn't know is that he would be the most amazing father. I truly think that we were blessed with our miracle because the man above knew he would be amazing.


From pigtails to lunchtimes, hopscotch to story time, bed time and book time, he is so present for every event in her life and LOVING every minute of her life and our life together. This May, we celebrated 10 years of marriage and I could not 061311feature_siegel.jpgfeel any happier than I do right now to have this guy in our lives! Happy Father's Day, Daddy! We love you!


Adam Siegel, Nominated by Wife Kristin Siegel
My husband, Adam, is the greatest! He's not only an amazing husband, but an awesome father to our almost three-year-old son. We've been together for 10 years (married for five) and he is truly my best friend. He's a hard worker, "cheerleader," supporter and works hard so I can stay at home and raise our son. Our son was born prematurely (two months early), and out of town (no joke), while my husband was finishing up his MBA from Xavier. So, for the 4.5 weeks, I lived in Savannah, GA to be close to our baby, he managed to get his degree and spend every other weekend with us in GA until we got our baby Joey home to Northern KY. His dedication to our family is like no other. He's very close to his parents and two sisters, which makes him extremely family focused. For the past year and a half, we've been dealing with infertility and two miscarriages and he has been by my side through everything. He's a great listener and "therapist." He's the perfect partner, and he deserves a gold medal!


061311FEATURE_LJOHNSON.jpgLarry Johnson, Nominated by Wife Heather Johnson
My husband, Larry Johnson, is the greatest. All my life, I've wanted someone to take care of me and be my protector. Since the day I met Larry, he's done just that. He's got his quirks (just ask about his socks) but that's what makes him the guy I fell in love with. He tries Ethiopian food for me and I try camping for him. Turns out, we both enjoyed both! With Larry, it was truly love at first sight. I know that he'll be there for me for the rest of our lives. Oh yeah, he's not bad on the eyes either!


Jay Johannigman, Nominated by Sister Beth Johannigman
My big brother, Colonel Dr. Jay Johannigman is my hero! He was the Dad I never had and has been my best friend and role model all my life! He was 12 when I was born and has looked after me ever since. Even though he is Chief of Trauma at UC (and takes care of everyone flown in on AirCare), in the Air Force (and has been to Iraq and Afghanistan countless times to operate on the wounded soldiers) and has his own family, he still drops everything for me to make sure that I am ok. My big brother is the best and has saved my life literally and figuratively!

Amy Scalia -


Amy Scalia, a Cincinnati native, is the editor in chief and publisher of Cincy Chic. Send her an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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