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Written by Linda Palacios   
Monday, 11 April 2011 08:18

Hairapist in Training
As your hair is cut, sculpted and shaped, you spill it all to your stylist. Now, one local stylist takes it to the next level as she gains her certification as a life coach.

Heading to the salon is one of the top ways women relax and relieve stress. Just sitting back and having your stylist wash your hair and massage your scalp can make all your worries subside. My mom even says that if she ever she won the lottery, she would install an in-home hair washing station and have a personal stylist wash her hair every morning just like they do in the salons.


And it's not a secret that stylists hear it all through the venting of their clients. From bad breakups and juicy gossip, stylists get more than a couple ears' full of information throughout their work day. Now, DJ's Style Salon Owner Dawn James takes her listening skills one step further for her clients. Before becoming a salon owner, James recognized the importance of having an experienced style as the owner of a salon. "Most of the time salons are owned by people who are not licensed or who are using it as an investment, and there's not a lot of respect from an owner to a stylist because they can't relate," she says.


After taking on salon ownership, she recognized another venture that could set her services apart from the crowd to offer the best for her clients. As a salon owner and stylist, James has experienced firsthand how a salon chair can make a person spill her beans. Through the years, James has lent her ear and offered words of wisdom when she could, cc_instory.gifbut she wants to take a more active role in helping her clients work through their problems instead of just talking about them.


To make her dream a reality, James trained to be a certified life coach and is working toward setting up a separate office for what she calls her "hairapy" sessions. The idea is that a client comes in and as James gives that relaxing hair shampoo and conditioner, the client lays out her problems and concerns.


After all the problems are on the table, James and her client sit down and discuss an action plan for addressing those issues. Just like any other life coach, James works with her clients from start to finish, with multiple sessions if necessary.


The difference, however, is that the client walks away with the relaxation of the scalp massage and the confidence in her styled hair. As an added bonus, your credit card statement will show a purchase from DJ's Style Salon, so you can be as discreet about your life coaching sessions as you want.


For more information about James' hairapy sessions, visit or call DJ's (513) 531-DAWN (3296).

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