Chic Spotlight: Photographer Gina Weathersby

Chic Spotlight: Photographer Gina Weathersby
Rainy days can make for great photo ops, so check out this Q-and-A with a local photographer, who is about to offer workshops for mastering your own camera.
Photographer Gina Weathersby

Cincy Chic
: You say that you've always been "a little outside the lines" kind of girl, so how would you describe your style as a photographer?


Gina Weathersby, photographer and owner of Kiwi Street Studios: My father was career military, so we moved probably more than the average family. Between being completely immersed in diversity (I am half Greek and half English/Irish) and having to start new wherever we went, I never had time to claim one way or one group or one thought. I learned and loved being able to observe, learn, accept, adapt and look at life from a little outside the box. I wouldn't want it any other way.


Cincy Chic: This is for our Rainy Day issue, and rainy days are the perfect time to make some memories with your kids. What are the top tips you have for women looking to navigate their camera to capture those memories?


Weathersby: Rainy days make for some of the most nurturing and snuggly kind of days. Set up some activities with your children — a craft, a project, baking, reading — and find a window with some light, not harsh direct light, but a soft, even light.


Even rainy days have light. Place your child in that light. Be sure to have your children facing the window so the light is on them, and have your camera ready to snap those moments. Take a few practice pics to be sure your exposures are right, and try not to use the flash! 040411SPOTLIGHT3.jpg


You can capture their little faces concentrating, hands working and creating, a smile when they're showing you something they've done. Keep it simple. Don't make it a production. You just "happen to have your camera."


These types of photos are real life, and in my opinion, the best kind. And don't forget to play with your children too!


Cincy Chic: Through Kiwi Street Studios you offer instructional classes to help women better their photographic skills. Tell readers a little more about this side of your business.


Weathersby: This is in the making, actually! There are so many times through the average day that we look at our children and would love to capture what is going on right then. You can't always have a professional photographer there, so why not learn some basic principles and techniques so you can capture those moments too.


More info to come. If you would love to be on the list, please send an email through my website at


Cincy Chic: What else should Cincy Chic readers know about Kiwi Street Studios?


Weathersby: I have a credo, and this is it: I want to give each of you the very best, most memorable, make-you-cry-and-laugh-and-never-forget-the-day experience that I can in a way that is unique to you and no one else, which yields photographs that represent your story and that last a lifetime, simply and artistically. This is what drives my passion and my studio. Plus it's so much fun!


Cincy Chic: When you aren't snapping shots, what do you like to do for fun?


Weathersby: First and foremost, hang out with my family as much as I can every single day — quality time. On top of that, I could cook/bake all day if I had the time. I could also spend all day in my garden. I redesign/redecorate our rooms time and time again, and I absolutely love coming up with all the graphic design parts of my business.


If I could, I would love to visit a new small town every month and really take the time to go into each little shop, talk to the owner and hear their stories — and probably take a snap here and there. I can't help it! It inspires me and makes me happy.


Cincy Chic: What do you love most about Cincinnati?


Weathersby: We had an opportunity to move a few years back. Initially, we were so excited. Within a month, it hit me how connected we were and how much I genuinely loved it here. In the end, we chose to stay. Why? Roots, people and community.


We have an amazing community made up of diverse groups of artists, unique local businesses, markets, forward-thinking individuals, schools, entertainment. We really have a wonderful little Mecca here that is continuously growing and pulling together for each other. We are so happy and lucky to live here.

Photos courtesy of Gina Weathersby/Kiwi Street Studios

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