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You've been to the dry cleaners countless times, but you might never have realized the extent of their services. We checked in with some local dry cleaners to find out how they can help you with more than just those "dry clean only" clothes.

Sure, you can head to the dry cleaners when you've worn your suits a couple times, but if that's all you're going there for, you probably don't realize all they can do for you. So, we connected with Widmer's Retail Stores Manager Anne Marie Warren to find out what fixes they have for your everyday disasters, and she filled us in on five other service areas Widmer's offers customers.


1. Alterations


Whether you've lost weight or you just can't seem to find pants that are short/long enough for your legs, Widmer's can help fit your clothes to you. Seamstresses and tailors work in 15 of the 16 Widmer's locations, so you can save yourself a trip to the tailor and check of two to-dos at the dry cleaners, especially as most items that are altered include pressing free of charge.


Widmer's tailors can change the hem of your pants or even your formal dresses. If you're not sure whether you're ready to make any cuts or stitches, you can get professional advice with a fitting at Widmer's. "Fittings are always free," Warren says.


2. Shoe Repair


Now that winter's on its way out, you can get your boots ready for next season or fix up any of your warm-weather shoes to be ready for your wearing. You can take your need-of-repair shoes to any Widmer's location or have a Widmer's driver pick them up. All of those damaged heels or soles will be replaced, and often times a simple polishing can take out the scuffs, Warren says. And just like the pressing for alterations, whenever you have your shoes repaired, Widmer's will give you a complimentary polish.


3. Cleaning beyond "Dry Clean Only"


Even if your item isn't dry clean only, Widmer's can help you clean it. "If it needs to be cleaned, we can do it," Warren says, and that goes beyond clothes too. From table linens to draperies to comforters and duvets, all of your home fashions can look new again after a nice cleaning. Widmer's even can come to your house and clean your carpets and area rugs.


Taking it to the experts gives you the chance to clean your items without damaging them. They know how to read each product label to know what cleaning processes have been approved for that particular item, and in the event that those processes don't get your stains out, Widmer's professionals have a much better grasp on the next step to take (with your approval, of course).


4. Restoration Services


Vintage is all the rage, but you might not want that yellow aged look in your wardrobe or home. A basic cleaning of the article won't get it to look new again, and that's why Widmer's offers restoration services. So whether you want to go vintage or wear your grandmother's wedding dress down the aisle, having your item restored can keep the style while updating the overall look of the garment.


After you get the item looking new again, you might want to keep going back for regular cleanings because while you might know how to read the care instructions, many vintage items don't have those care tags, Warren says. That's when the experts come in handy.


5. Fur Cleaning and Storage


Just as Warren mentioned before: "If it needs to be cleaned, we can do it." And that includes furs. Those expensive, delicate items really need to be cared for properly, and Widmer's has just the right touch. But with the cold weather transitioning into spring and summer, you're getting ready to pack your furs away. Instead of turning to a cedar chest or smelly moth balls to keep your furs safe from pesky moths, you actually can store your furs at Widmers. They have a special climate controlled room that helps preserve the furs while keeping moths' mouths from chewing holes.


For Widmer's location information and to learn more about how they can go beyond just being your regular dry cleaners, check out




Photographer: Neysa Ruhl

Model: Ashley Sohngen

Location: M/I Homes Estates at Shayler Ridge Model Home

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