Serving up Four Reasons to Hit the Court

Serving up Four Reasons to Hit the Court
Let's face it: February is a boring month, except when George Clooney sightings are reported. Want a warm and energizing option for spending time during the cold winter days? Read on.

Four Reasons to Play Indoor Tennis


#4: You can wear a cute skirt with comfy sneakers and socks.


Lynn Larmann, apparel buyer at Eastern Hills Indoor Tennis Club (EHI), has stocked the tennis shop with a glorious variety of light-weight tanks, tees, skirts and shorts to outfit all shapes and sizes. Because Larmann is an avid tennis player and the club's internal club coordinator, she knows her stuff! Playing tennis in an athletic skirt is great because it's versatile, and you can go from the courts to the treadmill, Larmann says.


The attire from your feet up is your call, but your sneakers are extremely important, says Brian Clark, tennis pro, EHI tennis coordinator and son of the club's founders. Unlike the average running shoe, which is made to keep you and your feet moving forward, the tennis shoe is designed to keep you moving left to right. "Tennis shoes give you more lateral support, so we do ask that people have tennis shoes," Clark says. "Other than that, it's just basic workout clothing."



If you don't have a racket and tennis balls, no worries! You can borrow a demo racket from the club and rent tennis balls.


#3: You can exercise your arms, legs and mouth at the same time.


One thing you'll notice when you walk into an indoor tennis club is that it's filled with lots of voices. Ladies, talking while playing IS allowed. Larmann meets up with her friends for round robins, where four ladies are on the court and they rotate positions after a selected number of points. Round robins always energize her and definitely make her break a sweat, she says.


Clark loves tennis because he's always encouraged by the age span represented on the court. "As long as you've still got your wheels (legs and feet), you can play tennis," Clark says.


If you don't have all the time in the world, that's not a problem. "I like to play a sport for an hour and know that I got a great workout in and it doesn't take all day," Clark says.


#2: You can have childcare for the cost of a Grande house brew.


Bring along the tiny troops and sign them up with the EHI babysitter (available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays). In fact, that's why Larmann found EHI so enticing. She was a young mom and wanted to have an hour a week to herself with friends. So, she signed up for a round robin court time with four girlfriends, dropped her kids at the EHI in-house sitter, and hit the court. "I just did it once a week for an hour for at least a year. It gets really fun because your girlfriends have a date every week to play tennis," Larmann says. So, making a date to get energized while at the court with your favorite friends (or new friends) is more valuable than paying your local barista for a boost of energy in a cup.



#1: It will never rain on your game.


It's warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and it absolutely never rains. So go ahead, schedule a drill session in the middle of winter! It'll prepare you to feel comfortable on the court by springtime. "You'll learn how to hit the ball, hold your racket, and a few things about the proper tennis stroke," Clark says. All this, regardless of the weather, plus you have 10 tennis pros to choose from for an instructor. Now that's a great rain day game day!


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Photographer: Neysa Ruhl

Model: Lynn Larmann and Brian Clark

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