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Written by Amy Scalia   
Monday, 17 January 2011 04:49

Krombholz Gives a New Look to Old Jewelry
See how one local lady's jewelry box full of unwanted items not only provided the materials, but also paid for, a fashion-forward repurposed design she now cherishes.

Ah, the new year. It's a time when closets are cleaned, budgets are set and you set your sights on a new you in the new year.

That's what one local lady did who came to
Krombholz Jewelers recently. She walked in with a jewelry box full of bygone fashion relics, and left with a unique piece she custom-made to fit her taste and lifestyle.

"She had a strand of pearls and pearl earrings she wears often," says Lee Krombholz, owner and designer at the Old Montgomery-based store. "She really wanted a pearl ring to wear with them."

Krombholz did a review of her jewelry and raw materials. That helped him determine the jewelry they would design around, and determine the extra materials they would be able to recycle to offset some of the costs. "This is and amazing part of the process," says Krombholz. "Often the extra unwanted jewelry will completely pay for the redesign of the new jewel."

011711KROMB_CAD.jpgBut even though it was easy on her pocketbook, this was no bargain basement redesign. It was a cutting-edge, future-forging, high-tech redesign. Krombholz used what's called CAD design, short for computer aided design. "Our CAD designer comes up with a design and renders this design to help the customer determine what the final jewel will look like," says Krombholz.

He came up with two designs with CAD, and then made wax models of the two designs to help the customer decide which design she liked best. When a design was selected, Krombholz repurposed single mabe pearl earring the customer had for the top portion of the ring.

The client loved her new piece, and was thrilled that her unwanted jewelry footed the bill.

Click on the play button below as I interview Lee about this repurposed piece and get an exclusive sneak peek into the design process.

Editor's Note: This is a special advertising section provided by Krombholz Jewelers.

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