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Written by Linda Palacios   
Monday, 13 September 2010 02:32

Dance to the Music
Drop the dumbbells, turn off the treadmill, and jazz up your exercise. One local company's unique concept gives you a chance to learn to dance in a fun (more affordable) atmosphere.

Photobucket Music has the ability to make you want to dance. You might just start bobbing your head or tapping your foot, but music inspires movement.


"Music is everything. Dancing is just putting the steps to it," Dare to Dance Co-owner Marco Mechelke says.


At Dare to Dance, the professional-dancers-turned-instructors put steps to all different types of music to help you learn everything from the Viennese waltz to the jive. You even can learn how to belly dance or hoop dance.


But the studio marches to the beat of a different drummer so that your instruction is a little easier Photobucketon your pocketbook. "We're trying to make dancing more affordable for people who want to learn but honestly can't afford the chains' private lessons," Co-owner Barb Osher says. Instead of focusing on private lessons like other studios, Dare to Dance builds a community through group classes.

"When you learn foxtrot, the first two or three steps, you don't need a private lesson for that. You can go to a group class and you can learn a bit in four to six weeks. If you want to learn more, then you might want to take private lessons," Mechelke says.


Another way Dare to Dance stands out from the crowd is through its membership options. Instead of paying $100 here and $100 there for individual classes, you pay one monthly fee and can go to as many group classes as you'd like. Currently, Dare to Dance is offering "Grand Opening" prices, so monthly memberships are $79 for an individual or $119 for a couple. Membership options also include discounted six-month and annual memberships.


And as a Dare to Dance member, you are able to use the studio at your convenience (during studio hours) to practice in between your classes. "[At other studios], you pay a lot of money and you cannot practice, so you pretty much go back to the lesson and you've forgotten half the stuff because you couldn't practice it," Mechelke says.


To learn more about the dances offered, the membership benefits and Dare to Dance in general, visit or call (513) 407-8633.




Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: Dare to Dance instructors (top photo) and Barb Osher (bottom photo)
Location: Lofts@4120

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