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Doc Talk: St. Elizabeth's Dr. Michael Guenther
You've seen the pink ribbons and participated in breast cancer fundraisers. Are they working? This Northern Kentucky-based breast cancer surgeon says they are paying off and explains how.

From fundraisers and informational campaigns to new technology and top-notch surgeons, several forces are at work to fight against breast cancer today. And the good news is that all the effort is really paying off, says Dr. Michael Guenther, a Northern Kentucky breast cancer surgeon.


As a breast oncologist, practicing at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Guenther stays on the cutting edge of advancements in the medical field. He says that today more than 80 percent of those with breast cancer are eventually cured. That number also is increasing every year, thanks partly to earlier breast cancer detection by a more informed public.


"Today most cancers are found by mammography," Guenther says. "This reflects the fact that tumor sizes have gotten progressively smaller through the years as women buy into the concept of screening to find tumors at a smaller size."


Surgery remains the most common and effective treatment for localized breast cancer, Guenther says. In cases where the disease may be spreading to other parts of the body, surgery is most often combined with other treatments to battle the disease.


"Surgery and radiation and systemic treatment with anti-hormones or chemotherapy, are indicated for regional disease or for those with possible metastatic disease," Guenther says. "But, very few tumors are treated without surgery, and that's usually [with] those who cannot or will not have surgery."


St. Elizabeth Cancer Care: A Focus on the Individual


Aside from the latest digital mammography services and the most advanced surgical, radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatments, St. Elizabeth offers a complete team of cancer experts including:

  • Surgical, medical and radiation oncologists
  • Medical physicists
  • Registered radiation therapists
  • Certified oncology nurses
  • Social workers
  • Registered dietitians
  • Pastoral care staff



091310DOCTALK.jpgAll these professionals are committed to the idea that top-notch cancer care focuses on treating all patients as the unique individuals they are. Likewise, everyone who comes to St. Elizabeth for breast cancer services can take confidence in the knowledge that they're receiving the very latest procedures and treatments available to identify and treat the disease from the area's most skilled professionals, like Guenther.


Guenther is particularly excited about advancements being made to diagnose and treat the disease because they hold the promise of helping even more people with breast cancer to win their fight against the illness, he says.


"A plethora of new treatments is in development," Guenther says. "A significant trend to individualizing treatment based on tumor genetics is happening right now, [as well as] targeted therapies that affect only cancer cells rather than the whole body, and pre-operative shrinkage of tumors to decrease the extent of surgery. It's a very exciting time to be a breast oncologist."


Patients have come to trust Guenther and all the professionals at St. Elizabeth to provide the latest treatments and procedures to help find breast cancer early and eliminate the disease from their lives.


If you have questions about any services at St. Elizabeth's locations throughout Northern Kentucky - or just want to schedule a screening mammogram - call St. Elizabeth today at any of the numbers listed. Join the thousands of women who've already partnered with St. Elizabeth for lifelong breast health and overall wellness.


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