Chic Spotlight: High-Fashion Hair Designer Vivian Moore

Chic Spotlight: High-Fashion Hair Designer Vivian Moore
This local woman flew to Paris to design hair for Giorgio Armani's Fashion Week show. Read on as she shares stories of her experience and insider tips on this fall's hair trends.

Cincy Chic
: You were chosen to be a part of Oribe's hair styling team for Giorgio Armani's Prive Couture Show in Paris Fashion Week. So how did you react when you found out about this amazing opportunity?


Vivian Moore, managing vice president of Mitchell's Salon and Day Spa: The call took me by such surprise. It took most of my powers of concentration to focus on the details I was being given. I probably sounded a little "business as usual."


Within five seconds of hanging up, the reality set in and I was sitting alone in my office with tears of joy flowing, trying to decide who to call and share the news with first! This may sound a little crazy: The only experience I can compare it to is the way I felt after having my children.


Cincy Chic: It wasn't just by chance that you were selected, so tell readers a little more about your professional experience with Oribe.


Moore: I've been a fan (OK maybe a more accurate word is "groupie") of Oribe since the early '80s when I first noticed his editorial work. The events that led to061410VALLEYVIEW.GIF our meeting were so unpredictable, I have to believe it was fate. Three of the people he aligned himself with to launch his product line to our industry were men I had the good fortune of developing friendships with while they were involved with another product company. They were familiar enough with Mitchell's to know I'm always on the search for the very best of everything to use and make available to my stylists and our clients. The rest, as they say, "is history."


I met Oribe in New York at the Waldorf Astoria for a drink while we were both in town for other business meetings. You often hear stories of people meeting someone they've admired from afar, only to be disappointed? It was the opposite for me. The reality exceeded my wildest dreams. When I saw him take time he really didn't have to discuss a woman's hair who recognized him on the street as we were leaving — well, maybe I fell in love a little!


Since then, my respect for him as an artist and teacher/mentor has continued to grow. He's the most interesting mix of "modern elegance" and "old school biker chic," who exudes kindness and humility and has a "vocabulary" any sailor would envy. Being able to introduce him to my stylists as a teacher is another important milestone in my 25-year career with Mitchell's.


Cincy Chic: What were some of the highlights of your high-fashion experience?


Moore: The chance to work with Oribe for Mr. Armani in what he described as possibly the most important show of his career is an absolute high point of my professional and personal life, a dream that has been at the top of my bucket list for a very long time. That it happened in Paris during Fashion Week took it into the realm of surreal.


Meeting Mr. Armani — a man you don't need to see to know he's entered a room, who commands the attention of everyone without saying a word — is a memory I'll cherish forever. Watching industry icons, top models, the most important beauty and fashion editors and photographers hard at work doing what they do, treating each other with such respect and cooperation instead of feeling like I was in a scene from "The Devil Wears Prada" (which happens to be one of my favorite movies) made me more proud than I've ever been to be a part of this industry.


Cincy Chic: As this is for our Fall Trend Report, what are some of the hair trends Cincy Chic readers can expect to see this autumn?


Moore: An accurate (and fashionable) representation of how any woman wants the world to see her is always in style. However, incorporating 0110Fence_INSTORY.giftrends to an appropriate degree is what distinguishes her as fashionable.


One of the strongest statements relating to hair made by Mr. Armani was that he showed every model as blonde, which required some of them to wear full wigs and most of them to have various shades of blonde extensions added to enhance color or length. They were all shoulder length or longer, mostly with a soft side swept bang. The reference we were given was Lauren Hutton in American Gigolo, a very all-American look with a relaxed sophistication. Typically, we associate blonde with summer, but I expect women will be wearing their summer hair long into winter in 2010.


I'm happy to welcome the return of great haircuts, which are actually "styled"! Not the helmet head, sprayed with super glue look, but a modern, brushed out version that obviously had some time and attention given to it. Hair is the most important accessory a woman has. I believe it's important to treat it as something of great value. The days of "wash and wear" were fine for a while, aren't we ready for the return of style that looks like it took a little time and energy — even if it didn't? The key is a great haircut and a few styling tricks.


Cincy Chic: All hair aside, what do you like to do in your spare time?



Moore: One of the best things about loving what I do is, it rarely feels like work. It's been a life-long endeavor to find that magic place called balance. There are only two other things I'm passionate enough about to provide complete distraction, my three grandchildren and scuba diving. I've been diving for 15 years and enjoy it as much now as the time I took my first breath underwater. My favorite place to dive is Little Cayman. It's one of the very few places I can be without my computer, although I usually end up doing a haircut or two for the dive shop staff while I'm there.


Cincy Chic: What do you love most about Cincinnati?


Moore: As the saying goes, "There's no place like home." I've lived my whole life in the Greater Cincinnati area. The thing I love the most about it is it's my home. Any "place" is defined by the people who live there. Working for Mitchell's has allowed me to meet many of the people who live here and many who visit.


I agree completely with what I hear most visitors say: We have one of the friendliest and most beautiful cities anywhere with a vibrant and talented artistic community. Almost everyone who flies into Cincinnati for the first time tells me how beautiful the sight of our skyline is when it appears on the drive from the airport. I flew from Paris directly to Los Angeles for a week of touring salons in the most beautiful and exciting areas including Hollywood. It was wonderful, but nothing brought me the joy of seeing Cincinnati again. It's true, there really is no place like home.

Photos courtesy of Vivian Moore
Models: Vivian Moore and Oribe (top photo), Oribe and Armani model (second photo), and Giorgio Armani and his fashion show models (bottom photo)

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