Chic Spotlight: Educator Theresa Rein

Chic Spotlight: Educator Theresa Rein
After 42 years of teaching, this local lady offers some insight into the education system. Find out how she has seen the system change and how you can help ensure education's promising future.

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: You have been a teacher for 42 years, so what first led you to education as a career?


Theresa Rein, a fifth grade teacher for St. Thomas More School in Withamsville, Ohio: I can't remember a time when I didn't want to be a teacher. It was always a dream of mine.


Cincy Chic: What have been some of the highlights of your career in education?


Rein: The best part of my career has been the people I have met. There is nothing greater than working with the students and helping them find success. Also, I have been fortunate to work with wonderful parents, teachers and administrators.


Cincy Chic: Throughout your time teaching, our city, country and world have gone through some major changes. What major changes have you seen in the education system?


Rein: Wow! Just as in any field, technology has also touched the education system. I remember the tedious job of typing tests on a ditto master. Now, I can't imagine teaching without an interactive white board (aka "smart" board).


Cincy Chic: What should Cincy Chic readers know and do to make sure future changes in education are for the better?



Rein: Even with all the advances in education, we will not be successful unless our ideas are founded on a good value system. Strong families with deep moral values are mighty important.


Cincy Chic: When you aren't imparting knowledge into the minds of others, what do you like to do for fun?


Rein: Working in the yard and taking care of my garden is always fun!


Cincy Chic: What do you love most about Cincinnati?


Rein: I never tire of looking at the skyline and the river from one of the hilltops of Cincinnati. Whether the Ohio River is muddy or clearly glistening, it always wraps the city with its charm.

Photographer: Connie Stricker

Model: Theresa Rein

Location: St. Thomas More School

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