Concerts of the Future

Concerts of the Future 
If your favorite artist isn't playing in the Midwest, you might not need to go across the country to catch the concert. Learn more about a hot new concert idea that's taking on the Tri-State. 

Imagine you've just won tickets to see your favorite performing artist — say, Jewel — in a small, private showing. It's set in a small café, and at the end of the concert, Jewel decides to take requests and answer questions from the audience.

It's a perfect night, watching an amazing live concert, but there's one catch. Jewel is actually 5,000 miles away. But the high-definition television screen, crisp surround sound, delicious hors d'oeuvres, and adoring fan-to-favorite artist connection is real. Jewel can perform and communicate with you directly, even overseas.

On June 7, Jewel actually performed in one of these virtual concerts through
Velocity Broadcasting, a Pittsburgh-based company that puts on large-scale events through HD television networks. Velocity is one of the large companies getting into the trend, and Sony and NCM Fathom (who recently broadcasted the 2010 World Cup) are on it as well.

For Jewel's virtual concert, you could catch the show at
Morton's Steakhouse in Cincinnati for $100, which included a three-course meal for two, a signed copy of Jewel's newly released Sweet and Wild album and a front-row seat at an interactive concert. 

"It's really intimate," says Melinda Kruyer, president of Kruyer & Associates who both attended and helped promote Jewel's concert at Morton's. "There's nothing like being at a concert — the energy, the sounds, the smells, but you may not be able to get where Jewel is to see her. [This experience] gives us so much more alternative contact."

At the interactive concert, you could see Jewel getting ready before the concert, just like you had an all-access backstage pass. A pin pad allowed you to participate in a trivia game where you could win an iPad.

This type of experience doesn't stop at pop music concerts. Across the country, loyal fans can experience sporting events, famous chefs whipping up a dinner from afar, and perhaps an evening at the Met. In May, the Springdale Cinema de Luxe and the Florence Showcase Cinema de Luxe was able to broadcast a live performance of Gioachino Rossini's "Armida" at the Metropolitan Opera.

"It's just getting started. You could be mobile or traveling and be able to see your favorite band," Kruyer says. "It's global, maybe your favorite band is in Germany or Japan, but thanks to social networking, you could stream the concert on your iPad or phone." 

Because this experience is so viral, it allows performing artists to connect with fans all over the world. If you get a big group together and find a large venue, like a movie theatre or restaurant, you can also take part in a concert experience. Plus, it's customizable and personal. At the Jewel concert, fans could vote for songs, ask her questions and even select her outfit, allowing the opportunity for fans to feel like they were in the same room and an integral part of the show.

And there are a few hidden benefits. Say, for a sporting event, you could still eat a hot dog and grab a large popcorn, but you wouldn't have to deal with the traffic getting to the stadium. And while you may love live music, perhaps you don't really love the loss of hearing acquired from a noisy concert hall.

"I think in the end, it's all about connecting," Kruyer says. You still can have the authentic concert experience of a social gathering with one of these interactive concerts of the future.

For more information on these types of concerts, you can reach Kruyer at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Also, Cincy Chic Publisher Amy Storer-Scalia, attended the Jewel concert at Morton's. Read about her experience and check out a few videos from the event here .

Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: Melinda Kruyer
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