Indulge in Life

Indulge in Life
Staff shares their splurges

Life is too short. So whether you stop to smell the roses or buy some shoes, that's up to you, but splurging a little here and there definitely can boost your life's fun factor. Keep reading as we divulge how we indulge.

Lying beachside in the Bahamas might be nice right now. And a quick jaunt to Europe doesn't seem half bad. But you don't need to go to some distant location to give yourself a break from the everyday. In fact, it's the little things that can go a long way toward a stress-free, care-free, joy-filled life.


This week, the Cincy Chic staff reveals how they break away from routine or even work their breaks into their schedules, so take some tips or use our indulgences as inspiration to start your own splurging traditions.


Makeup to Pep Up


Starting off with a good foundation is always important, and no one knows this better than Publisher Amy Storer-Scalia and Business Development Intern Holly Hoover. Both ladies spend a little extra for their mineral makeup, "but it's worth every penny," Storer-Scalia says.


Hoover looks to Bare Escentuals for her bareMinerals Foundation while Storer-Scalia gets her foundation fix with Jane Iredale's mineral makeup. "It makes my skin shine beautifully, and the minerals wash off easy at night," Hoover says.


No matter the brand, I (Editor Linda Palacios) splurge on makeup in a different way. While the original purchase can be a little pricey if it's my Bobbi Brown bronzer or Lancome eye shadow quad, the real luxury lies in the time I spend to put it on. I like to give myself some play time as I'm getting ready so that I can enjoy the art behind the process.


Brightening Your Day


"I absolutely love to spend time in the sun," says Brittany Daulton, marketing and public relations intern. "But I've always been told the skin I have in my 40s is the skin I have worked for — so girls, I'm working hard." While she catches her rays (even if it's just walking from here to there), she wears SPF like it's her skin.


Marketing Coordinator Stephanie Zastawa and Lauren Zumbahlen, philanthropic and public relations intern, light up their lives by brightening their hair. Zumbahlen splurges on her highlights to "revamp" her look, she says. "I really could do without the color, highlights and expensive cuts, but there is something about spending a few more dollars for all these extras that make me feel fresh and renewed," Zastawa says.



Putting the "S" in Fashion


Shopping, shoes and sunglasses might be stereotypical splurges for ladies, but that doesn't make them any less lovely. Multimedia Intern Brenna Sullivan turns to her computer for her shopping treats as she finds a wider selection at more affordable prices. "I love to splurge on a new dress or pair of shoes when I've had a rough week or accomplished something big I've been working toward," she says. "Retail therapy does magical things!"


Sullivan's not the only one who loves a great pair of shoes. Fashion Show Intern Megan Tassone indulges in pairs she can wear with almost anything but doesn't mind adjusting her wardrobe a little to make room for a pair of stand-out shoes, she says.


Storer-Scalia frequents Payless and Cincy Designer Shoes for a full shoe-lover's spectrum. "I love the way a great pair of pumps changes your outfit, posture, mood and basically your entire outlook on life that day," she says.


While shoes are great, Daulton puts her luxury savings toward her sunglass collection. Every year she buys herself a new pair of designer shades before heading out on vacation. "This became a tradition, as it is a way for me to have a memory of each vacation and buy something that I love," Daulton says.


Pampered Profession


Wardrobe indulgences help us feel successful but workplace indulgences can make it a reality. Storer-Scalia streamlines her business through technological solutions by opting to Skype instead of meeting in person or to receive her faxes via e-mail through eFax. Even her finances are at her fingertips on the go with Quickbooks.


She's not the only one turning to technology to get down to business. With computer geeks for a brother and a husband, I'm constantly learning about the newest ways to be efficient, stay organized and have a little fun doing it. Whether it's my super fast Internet, my touch screen laptop with a fingerprint reader, my Live Mesh folder that syncs all my files online or my Google-based Droid, my technological splurges make my work day much easier to tackle.


And soon I'll be doing it in style with the 2011 Ford Fiesta with SYNC capabilities. Forget about distracted driving as I'll be able to use my car as my phone!


Veg Out…


When it comes to food, the Cincy Chic staff seems to stray from the stereotypical. The most common indulgence among staff members isn't Graeter's black raspberry chip (though we're not knockin' it). It's fresh fruit and veggies!


Hoover, Daulton, Storer-Scalia, Tassone and I all ra061410VALLEYVIEW.GIFnk fresh, healthy produce among our top indulgences. Hoover and Daulton splurge on going to farmers' markets for their local ingredients while Storer-Scalia couldn't get much more local than her own backyard.


After doctors said her husband's health issues were probably linked to his diet, Storer-Scalia headed to Marvin's Organic Gardens to turn her abandoned raised bed into a flourishing garden. "It's so wonderful to just walk into the back yard, snip some lettuce, pick tomatoes and cucumbers, and pull up a carrot for a fresh salad," she says. And since she started her organic splurge, Storer-Scalia's husband has been seeing healthier days!


… And Work Out


Zumbahlen and Sullivan consider their workouts indulgences. "It might be strange to think of such a sweaty, strenuous exercise as an indulgence, but finding the time to go for a jog contributes greatly to my Zen level," Sullivan says.


For a true splurge, Zumbahlen takes a track different from her routine run and heads all the way out to Colorado. "I have indulged in a 14-mile hike up Pike's Peak twice now," she says. "This has been one of the hardest physical and mental challenges I've ever faced, and I felt a great sense of accomplishment upon finishing the eight-hour hike."


Liven Your Life


Staying social is a splurge in itself, and we all indulge in that. Storer-Scalia toasts to a tradition with her friends called Champagne Tuesdays. So every Tuesday she and her gal pals head to a different place to sip some bubbly. "It's a really neat way to experience the community, refine your palate for a yummy drink and enjoy good friends on a consistent basis," she says.


Zastawa and her hubby-to-be enjoy as much as this city has to offer by exploring the town on an almost nightly basis. "At least four out of the seven nights a week, my fiance, Andrew and I are out doing something. … We are constantly on the go, and I LOVE it," she says.


Forget exploration! There's only one place Sullivan wants to be — in front of the stage, possibly watching her favorite band (which she has seen live almost 15 times). "There are few feelings I love more than the one I get when the lights go down and a favorite artist of mine begins to play," Sullivan says. 


My husband and I hold the music and add some food as we have made Thursday our unofficial date night. We try new restaurants and menu items around town to enjoy some tasty bites over good conversation. We can make our own wine tasting at 20 Brix, indulge in the poutine at SENATE or check out the views at Palomino.


We reserve Wednesday nights for the official family dinner night. We head over to my mom's house to spend time with my board/card-game obsessed family for some competitive fun. And I never mind indulging in a game of Dominion, a game I am not ashamed to say we have stayed up all night playing — more than once.


I'm not the only one reserving time for family, though, as Daulton holds spending time with family as the most precious thing to her. "Spending time with my family is a great way for me to escape stress and return to my beginnings," she says. "It's a great way to remind me where I came from, who I am, and the things that make me that person."


No matter what the indulgence, these little splurges help make life a little more adventuresome and fun, so what's your indulgence? Please share in the comment section below.

Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Models: Linda Palacios, Megan Tassone, Amy Storer-Scalia, Brenna Sullivan

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