Best of the Blogs

Best of the Blogs
Eight great local blogs

They blogged. You voted. We dug in a little deeper to find out what makes them so special. Keep reading to see which blogs were voted the best in the city by Cincy Chic readers, who obviously have great taste in what they choose to read.

We spread the word through social media that our Bloggers issue was coming up, and with your tweets and Facebook comments you voiced your take on the Cincinnati blogosphere. So thank you for your input and enjoy learning more about what you thought was tops in Queen City blogs:

UrbanCincy sheds light on the dynamic urban development throughout the Tri-State area. It's a great way to get your scoop on what the local government is doing and how it will affect you while adding a touch of art and entertainment to the mix. If you're a visual person, you will love this photo-laden blog. Each post features maps, pictures and graphs to enhance and better explain what you're reading. Recent blog topics include: The High Speed Rail Project, City Council updates and information about a spring fashion show.


Queen City Discovery

Queen City Discovery (QC/D) is loaded with artistic pictures of our adored Queen City and its surrounding area. Many of the pictures display the beauty and brilliance of abandoned buildings and forgotten places in the Tri-State. If you like to explore new locations but don't have the time, this blog is for you. The blog also features unique events and up-and-coming parts of town. You even can see our city's skyline from a bird's eye view with high-vantage pictures.


Cincinnati Locavore

Voted Best Food Blog in the City by
Cincinnati Magazine, Cincinnati Locavore updates readers on farmers' markets, cooking classes, foodie events and ways to volunteer. Updated weekly, this site will connect you with the local food industry and its whereabouts. Recent blog topics include: Turner Farm Garlic Class, Sustainable Sunday and the Community Shares fundraiser.


Building Cincinnati

Building Cincinnati updates viewers about recent developments in Cincinnati's neighborhoods. Using pictures and short postings, the site puts a new spin on the towering buildings that make up Cincinnati's skyline. Providing news on building projects, historical landmarks being revamped and anything related to buildings, this blog enlightens those who are passionate about the city and its architecture.


Cooking with Caitlin

Graduate of the famous Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute in France, Caitlin Steininger updates
Cooking With Caitlin readers on practical yet delicious foods. This foodie extraordinaire also shares her tricks of the trade for using kitchen appliances and helpful tips to young moms out there. She takes food to a whole new level by connecting your masterpieces to your everyday (and often hectic) lives. Recent blog topics include: Home recipes - Food and Exercise, 99 Bottles of Beer and Campfire Favorites.


CincyStreetcar Blog 

It's no longer just a streetcar named desire. With recent legislation passed, the Cincinnati Streetcar is looking more and more like a reality. And, as the
1209KROMBHOLZ.gifStreetcar's plans materialize from an idea to reality, this blog tells you everything you need to know about its new developments. Providing pictures, maps and Streetcar benefits, the CincyStreetcar Blog is updated with all you need to know about Cincy's upcoming mode of transportation.


ReThink HR

ReThink HR has combined social networking and corporate America to make a blog that updates you on ways to stand out amongst your peers and achieve your goals in a competitive market. Written by a recent laid-off employee, this site gives readers a valuable resource on popular topics that many people face on the job.


Snack Face

Cincinnati-bred and Ohio University-schooled, Kailey Harless is bound for life as a magazine editor. With
Snack Face, Harless gives a window into the world of an emerging young professional with big dreams and an even bigger addiction to yummy food. She shares tons of pictures with a pinch of her slightly sarcastic yet optimistic words of advice. If you like Facebook stalking (admit it, you do it from time to time) and following larger-than-life personalities, you will love all the photos and the comments posted by this young girl. And one day, you'll be able to say "I read her blog when..."

Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: Megan Tassone, Lauren Zumbahlen 

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