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Written by Amy Scalia   
Wednesday, 14 July 2010 05:27

The Most Beautiful Blog in Town
She makes healthy beauty products for a living, and for fun, she discusses "all things girly" on her blog. Read all about it and see how you can join in on the fun.

Two years ago, Robin Feltner launched both her blog and her all-natural bath and body company, Supernatural Botanicals. The blog was intended to be an extension of the business, but in many ways, her business is now an extension of the blog.


"I started the blog to keep women, primarily, informed and up to date on the latest trends and information in beauty [and] health," Feltner says. "But soon thereafter, [it] took on a life of its own."


Since its launch, the blog has opened doors to new customers, business opportunities and higher search engine rankings. More recently, it's given Feltner the chance to meet several big stars like Diane Keaton, Valerie Bertinelli, Patricia Heaton, Ann Compton, Helen Hunt and Tony Bourdain.


The blog initially served as an open forum for people to share their insights on her products, ideas and the emerging eco-friendly industry. The blog helps Feltner gain candid insight from customers and readers that she didn't have access to otherwise, she says. "Anonymous comments can be brutally harsh at times, but it's exactly what I was looking for," she says. "I wanted an open dialog where they could express and/or request anything they wanted."


The blog's tag-line is "Discussions on All Things Girly," which offers Feltner — and her readers — a wondrously wide range of topics from which to choose. Typically, you'll find blog posts with beauty, fitness and eco-living topics, but occasionally you'll find something else that strikes Feltner's fancy.


"I'm passionate about being 'green,' so that crosses over into my writing quite a bit," she says. "Beauty and fitness is a given on a girly blog, but interior design and events in Cincinnati have certainly had their share of time in the spotlight on my blog as well."


Some of her favorite blog posts include: 0110Fence_INSTORY.gif




These popular topics drew a crowd, and even attracted the attention of the Smart Talk series organizers. They contacted Feltner two seasons ago to represent Cincinnati as their ambassador for their Connected Conversations series. "It's been amazing," she says. "And I have met some of the most incredible people in the process" — Keaton, Bertinelli, Heaton, Compton and Hunt, just to name a few.


 But the star power didn't stop there. Another group found Feltner's blog and asked her to represent Cincinnati bloggers at the recent Tony Bourdain speaking engagement.


But the big question: Has the blog beefed up her bottom line? The answer is yes, Feltner says. "The blog has helped me reach a greater customer base," she says. "If you are doing a random search on eco bath and body in Cincinnati, you'll most certainly find my blog amongst the top Google searches." A successful, updated blog is a powerful PR tool and her blog is a big reason why Google goes ga-ga for her business, she says.


The blog also helps to add value to her current customers because it invites readers into her life. "I have found that readers enjoy the experience of stepping into my workshop or kitchen to see what I'm doing via pictures I post on my blog," she says. "I find blogging a unique way to get personal with my customers and readers. It's important for me to interact with the readers so I can be specific about giving them exactly what they want."


She doesn't just interact on her own blog, though. Feltner is a self-proclaimed advocate for reading others' blogs, too. "Being ultra-connected to each other is an advantage that we've never had in the past, and is especially beneficial for business owners," she says. "Although my personal interests span from green global issues to lipsticks, I do tend to visit particular blogs regularly."


She says she adores, a Web site for women entrepreneurs that offers insight into what's working (and not working) for other women in business. Another favorite of hers is Pink Magazine, which provides inspiration and tools for women in business. She also gives props to her friend Julia's blog, Hooked On Houses, which covers her love of houses and interiors.


In addition, Feltner belongs to a local group called Cincinnati Women Bloggers. "We are a successful group of women bloggers in the Cincinnati area, and that Web site is an incredible resource to find blogs on all things local, as blog topics vary vastly," she says.


Last but not least (at least we don't think so), Feltner shows some chic love. "When I want to know what's going on in the city, Cincy Chic is positively my first stop," she says. "I have always found that if it's worth being known, Cincy Chic knows about it and I've attended many local events after learning about them on Cincy Chic."

Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: Robin Feltner
Location: Lofts@4120

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