Style Swapping

Style Swapping
Enter this group, and you might walk out with a whole new wardrobe. Read how one local fashionista transforms her dresses into rings and her shirts into skirts.

She doesn't have a magical wardrobe like in the Chronicles of Narnia, but she does hold the power to transform the clothes she doesn't want into trendy treasures to wear. So how does Kasmira Kit, author of the What I Wore Today blog, make the magic happen?


Three years ago, Kit joined a group called the Wardrobe Swap Shop on flickr. Members of this group post photos of their clothes and accessories that are looking for a new home. (Only members are able to post photos to prevent unwanted photo spam.) Then, the members look through each other's photos to find which items would be right at home in their own wardrobe. Finally, let the swapping begin!


While Kit has swapped everything from dresses and skirts to handbags and rings, she has a couple tips to help you get started on your own wardrobe makeover.


It's All in the Presentation


Before you can think about swapping your items, you need to post photos and descriptions of your loot. "Provide as much information as possible and also make it the best picture you can," Kit says. Your description should include size, brand, color, length and even the fiber content of the item. 1209KROMBHOLZ.gif


And when you take the photo, Kit recommends taking a photo of somebody actually wearing the item. If this is not possible, the next best thing is taking photos of the items on hangers. 


Lighting also is important. Try to take the photo in natural light so that the photo represents how the items look in real life. Also, natural light can help the details shine through.


Search for the Swap


Swaps come as a result of two scenarios: you find an item you want to swap and contact the owner, or somebody else finds your item and wants to make a swap for it. The more common way is for you to contact another person, so look through the group's photos to find what you want. Once you find something and contact the owner, she will look through your photos and see if she wants something of yours. If she cannot find anything she likes, she will decline, but if she finds a treasure in your collection, the swap is on! 0110Fence_INSTORY.gif


Stay Safe


 As you will be swapping with strangers, Kit recommends being extra cautious. Before making a swap official, look in the group's forums to find out more about the person with whom you would like to swap. Members are encouraged to provide feedback, so you can use this to help you decide if a swapper is trustworthy or not.


Also, as you will have to exchange addresses, Kit recommends providing your work address instead of your home. And use flickr messaging or "flickr mail" to exchange addresses instead of providing yours with comments that are open to the public.


Be careful, use common sense and have fun! And good luck with your own wardrobe wizardry!


Click on the play button below to view a video of Kasmira sharing these - and more - style swapping secrets at the recent LOL savings summit.


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Model: Kasmira Kit

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