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Friday, 28 May 2010 08:45

Fostering a Future
Helping as many children as possible is one local woman's life goal. Read on to see how she makes that dream become a reality through foster care.

When her mother was hospitalized, local woman Patty Holland was placed in a home through the foster care system for a short period of time when she was younger. "I just know how important that was in my life and the difference that it made in me," Holland says.


So when their biological daughter was 5 years old, Holland and her husband discussed the possibility of becoming foster parents. Five years later, they decided to look into the idea a little more and went to an informational meeting about becoming foster parents. Then they made the commitment.


Now, 10 years later, the Hollands have fostered 30 children, and Holland gave each one individualized attention. "I treat the kids as if they were my own — what would I want somebody to do for me, how would I want somebody to advocate for me," she says.


From stubborn attitudes to congenital syphilis, each child brings his own challenges, but Holland's goal is to provide a positive impact for each person who comes into her home. To help her in her path, Holland often looks to God. "I have a lot of times when I just pray and leave it in the Lord's hands because I'm just a part in this," she says. "I ask for guidance and strength and direction. Without that, I don't think you're able to make it through."


Some of the challenges of being a foster parent don't come from the children but from the system itself. Just like any business or organization, the foster care system has its flaws, but Holland works through any system weaknesses to ensure that her foster children receive what they need, whether that is a psychological evaluation or a privatized preschool.


Each child offers more than just challenges, though. "What you really find out is that they make a difference in you, and it just kind of gives me the drive to continue to do what I do," Holland says.


Holland and her husband remember the impact the children have had on them each year at Christmas. When they're trimming the tree, they make sure to include picture frame ornaments that hold the picture of every child who has lived in their home.


Beyond the individual children Holland and her husband have fostered, Holland works toward her goal of helping as many children as she can by serving as a trainer for new foster parents. Each training session she leads is a 10-week program, and the next one starts July 8.


If you are interested in attending the program, you can contact Andrea Greeley, a training assistant with the Department of Community Based Services, at (859) 292-6632. For more information about foster care, you can visit the Department of Community Based Services Web site.




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