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Written by Linda Palacios   
Monday, 24 May 2010 01:47

Biking to New Heights
Across the country people are hopping on their two-wheel method of transportation, and the city's making it easier. Read on to learn more about Cincinnati's plan that's already in action.

Every kid has that milestone of learning how to ride a bike. When the training wheels come off, watch out world! Well, recently, Cincinnati has been working to take off its own training wheels, so to speak.


The country as a whole is taking part in a widespread bicycling renaissance. Economically speaking, cyclists might as well be seeing dollar signs flash before their eyes, as using a bike for transportation can save a person thousands of dollars every year from the car itself to fuel and upkeep.


Health wise, bicycling allows you to have a productive workout. Instead of walking, running or even cycling at the gym, bicycling actually takes you from one point to another. The other side of the health coin lands on the health of the earth and, more specifically, Cincinnati. Without emissions, bikes actually make less of an impact on the city's pollution. (Read: Fewer smog alerts!)


With these benefits and several others in mind, the city is working to promote bicycling as a means of transportation while keeping Queen City cyclists safe. They're not all talk, though, as they put their ideas into action and have come up with a plan — the Bicycle Master Plan (a.k.a. The Bike Plan).


While several other major cities have similar plans in place and in action, Cincinnati has followed trend with its own customized version to meet the needs of the city and its people. So to come up with the plan, a project team hit the books (and the streets) to do some in-depth investigation and evaluations.


Now, the team's comprehensive scope has been put into words and basically a city-wide to-do list. From sharrows (arrows to remind motorists to share the road) and "Share the Road" signs to bicycle racks and trails, Cincinnati is pulling out all of the kick stands to promote its primary goal "By 2015, double the number of people bicycling regularly for transportation, while at the same time, reducing the rate of crashes and severity of injuries and maintaining the existing low rate of fatalities," according to the first draft of the plan.


To learn more about the trails that will be connecting you to Downtown and all of the other information included in The Bike Plan, head to




Photo courtesy of the Bicycle Master Plan

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