Chic Spotlight: Artist and Teacher Pam Kravetz

Chic Spotlight: Artist and Teacher Pam Kravetz
From teaching one of our own to displaying her work at the Contemporary Arts Center, this local artist paints a picture of her world with her words.

Cincy Chic: You have been an art teacher for 19 years and even taught our own Publisher Amy Storer-Scalia when she was in high school, so what first made you decide to take your talent to the classroom?


Art teacher and artist Pam Kravetz: How great is that? Amy was just as adorable as my student at Harrison High School as she is now. Amy was so creative, confident and a pure joy to be around — some things never change!


My journey to become an art teacher: The seeds were planted early, but I never realized I wanted to be a teacher until later in life. My kindergarten teacher realized I wasn't good at ABC's and let me use the painting easel all of the time. The other kids didn't think it was fair, but I loved it. At Indian Hill High School, I had two inspirational art teachers that I am still in touch with today. Plus, my Mom was a teacher. But it was being a docent at the [Contemporary Arts Center] that made me realize that I would love to teach art.


Cincy Chic: Beyond the classroom you also have a presence in the local art scene with shows and displays everywhere from the Contemporary Arts Center to the Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center. So how would you describe your artistic style that takes you to these places?


Kravetz: My artistic style — "Willie Wonka" meets "Sex in the City," mixed with a ton of garish (on the verge of obnoxious) color, with a dash of self-depravation and topped with a sense of humor. My art is a reflection of my life. I create narrative quilts that tell my stories. I create larger-than-life-sized interactive marionette puppets about me and my world. I am pretty narcissistic. (I don't know very may artists who aren't. That's what makes us fun!)


My work is whimsical, colorful and child-like on the surface. This draws the viewer in for a closer look. Then upon closer inspection, the pieces reveal a deeper side.


Much contemporary art is difficult for people to understand, I love to look at that kind of art. However, my art is not like that at all. My art is approachable, honest and "in your face" understandable. Although they are my personal stories, they are relatable to so many people. My work celebrates the beauty of the chaos of the everyday.


Cincy Chic: Beyond your self-portrait dolls, I hear that your engineer husband plays a part in some of your works. Can you tell Cincy Chic readers a little more about that?


Kravetz: Yeah, the artist and the engineer, sounds like an unlikely combination. We balance each other beautifully and are super in love. He helps me make my ideas come to life. For example, I was invited to do a site specific installation at the Contemporary Arts Center in the UnMuseum. I had an idea, but I did not have the technical ability to make it happen. I told him what I wanted, and he made it a reality! I don't know how he does it, but it all seems to happen in the garage somehow!


Cincy Chic: You create works to support local charities in their various silent auctions, etc., so who have you helped and why is philanthropy so important to you?


Kravetz: Hmmm — The Breast Cancer Brick Auction, Caracole, SPCA, The Northern Kentucky Cancer Association, Visionary and Voices, to name a few. I feel like we are all part of the bigger picture and anything I can do to make the world a better place is a pretty cool thing to do. A charitable act should be selfless, but it is a pretty great feeling, isn't it?


Cincy Chic: When you aren't working your imagination on a new creation, what do you like to do for fun?


Kravetz: I had my numerology done. I was told I have a strong need for FUN, which explains a lot. I love going to my parents and hanging with my large and wonderfully crazy family, being with my super cool friends, big parties, intimate dinners, coffee after spinning class.


I love hanging with Craig's daughter's Erin and Jill. I love an event, a party, a happening! I love to be the center of attention. But mostly, I love cuddling on the couch at home with Craig, my son Max and our dog Lenny Kravetz watching a movie on the Sci-Fi channel.


Cincy Chic: What do you love most about Cincinnati?

Kravetz: I love the contrast of its people. I'm a Cincinnati girl through and through and love our city and the arts here. We have amazing, well-established arts organizations, and we support emerging artists and arts organizations. At the same time I think it's funny the way native Cincinnatians ask where you went to school, and they mean high school and that at a Red's game I can get a vegetarian hot dog. I love that at the Harrison McDonald's the drive through lady recognizes my voice and calls me sweetie. I really like it here!



Photos courtesy of Pam Kravetz

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