Chic Spotlight: Celebration Aid Lauri Sachs

Chic Spotlight: Celebration Aid Lauri Sachs
Everyone should get the chance to celebrate, including your elderly mother and grandmother. Learn how this local company makes that possible.

Cincy Chic: You work for Homewatch CareGivers, which specializes in event care. So what exactly does this mean for your clients?


Lauri Sachs, Life Quality Specialist for Homewatch CareGivers Cincinnati: Event care is one of our premier service offerings. When a client calls to schedule services for a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary or other celebration, they have complete confidence and peace of mind knowing that the care of their elderly or disabled guest is managed by an experienced, responsible caregiver.


We meet with the client prior to the event and prepare a health emergency plan so that we may properly and expediently assist if a medical crisis were to occur. We hope this never happens, but I can tell you this provides considerable peace of mind to all family members going into the event. Our event care packages offer care for as little as a few hours during the ceremony itself to complete, multi-day care services covering the pre-ceremony dinners, the post-ceremony brunches and everything in between — even airport transportation for out-of-town guests.


Cincy Chic: Why is it so important for families to be able to offer this type of service for their elderly and disabled loved ones?


Sachs: Every bride plans for the perfect wedding celebration. That celebration includes important guests who, for physical or certain health reasons, may find it difficult to otherwise attend. Imagine the relief a bride (and her mother) experiences knowing that her cherished grandmother will be attended to during the entire ceremony. We alleviate concerns about who will escort grandmother to the powder room, assist her with meals or medications, ensure that she is in the treasured family photographs, or take her home safely when she tires long before the celebration is over. Actually, it is Grandmother who is most relieved knowing that she is not imposing on anyone to help her.


Cincy Chic: This is for our Mother's Day issue, so do you have any specials running for mom this week?


Sachs: We are happy to offer Cincy Chic readers a 10 percent discount on any event care package scheduled through June 30, 2010. Visit us at or call (513) 407-9824 to learn more about our services.


Cincy Chic: Everyone loves a great party, and you help make special occasions special for those who might not be able to celebrate otherwise, so what memories stick out to you from your Homewatch CareGivers experiences?


Sachs: One of my favorite memories was during a multi-day bat mitzvah celebration. The guests lined up to talk and have photographs taken with our client, a popular former political figure who required a wheelchair and various other assistance during the event. His wife, the event host, had wisely arranged for his full care during the weekend-long festivities.


Guests were overjoyed to see him. One after another they hugged, shook hands, laughed, and reminisced with our client, who was teary-eyed and exhausted from all the attention.


He requested to return to his hotel room, long before the celebration was over. On the ride home he shared wonderful memories about some of the people whom he saw at the party. He said how pleased he was to have had the opportunity to visit with so many friends and family members whom he hadn't seen in years. He repeatedly said how grateful he was for our assistance and how much he appreciated his wife being able to stay and enjoy herself.


Hours after he was securely tucked in for the night, his wife came through the door with the most pleasant expression on her face. She gave a big hug and said, "Thank you so much for taking such great care of him." She said she felt completely comfortable that he was being well cared for and that allowed her a carefree evening of fun and good cheer with her family and friends at her granddaughter's celebration!


Cincy Chic: When you aren't helping people celebrate with their loved ones, what do you like to do for fun?


Sachs: You can find me cheering at my son's or daughter's games, dining at one of the city's many fine restaurants, or enjoying a show at the Know Theatre in OTR.


Cincy Chic: What do you love most about Cincinnati?


Sachs: I love Cincinnatians' pride in our city. It has a big influence on out-of-towners' opinions of us. Visit any city, and when you tell people you are from Cincinnati, they say, "I love that city!"



Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Models: Lauri Sachs
Location: The McAlpin

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