Food that Comes to You

Food that Comes to You
A couple local entrepreneurs are changing the face of food with their mobility. Discover how you can get a taste of the action while reaping some entertainment perks at your next social function.

Most social occasions revolve around food, but cooking and baking or even just buying can add up to a hassle when it's more than just your immediate family or friends. So save yourself the trouble and just have the food come to you.


From hand-dipped ice cream to pub delights, a couple mobile food vendors can give you all the courses you need to make your event stand out from the crowd in a very delicious way.


Here's the Scoop


From Graeter's Ice Cream to United Dairy Farmers to Aglamesis Brothers, Cincinnati knows how to whip up a batch of ice cream goodness. So when Cincinnati native Sara Wiggershaus moved to Troy, Ohio, and missed being able to grab a cone at a hometown ice cream shop, she decided to set up shop herself with a mobile ice cream parlor.


Wiggy Dip offers much more than the nostalgic ice cream truck playing "Turkey and the Straw." This 20-foot self-contained trailer allows guests to step into an actual parlor-like atmosphere. You can walk up 042610SOCIAL2.jpgto a freezer case to check out the 16 different flavor options before making your final selection, and the truck even has plasma-screen TVs for when the person in front of you has a hard time making that decision.


Whether it's a kid's birthday party or a corporate appreciation day, Wiggy Dip aims to entertain. "The ice cream is the platform, but really, we just want people to have a great time and feel like they've been appreciated, so that's what we're all about," Wiggershaus says.


Wiggy Dip will be hitting the road at the end of May. For more information or for a customized price for your event, visit


Publicized Bites


Before you get to the dessert, you might want to try Café de Wheels. New Yorker native Tom Acito brings the Big Apple food-vendor flair to the Queen City with his fully functional rolling café.


Café de Wheels brings pub eats to events around town, like the Civic Garden Center's preview party this Friday, April 30. The truck will drop off sweet potato fries for the 6-to-9-p.m. event before heading to Over the Rhine for the Final Friday festivities beginning at 6:15 p.m.


When the truck isn't rolling through the city, you generally can find it at the corner of Walnut and Court 042610SOCIAL3.jpgstreets, but you always can check out the Web site and their Twitter page or text (513) 560-6234 to find out exactly where you can find them to get some feta fries or an Animal Style burger.


The already mobile company goes even more mobile on Thursdays with their Segway deliveries. Available for just $2, this eco-friendly delivery option brings your customized order to you in a more individual way.


For more information about Café de Wheels or to schedule them for your next event, visit or call (513) 549-5246.



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