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Written by Kirsten Schaffer   
Thursday, 15 April 2010 04:00

Training against the Clock
You're busy running your life, so you're probably too busy for any actual running. But managing your running times and technique for a more effective workout is much easier than you'd think.

Living in a mostly pedestrian-friendly city like Cincinnati has its perks: access to great parks and nature preserves, walking trails, and plenty of miles to break in your running shoes. Just take a look, rather, a drive around town. If you pass through Hyde Park or Oakley after your work commute, you'll see the happily jogging residents working off the day's stresses. If you participate in the upcoming 5K season or the Flying Pig Marathon, you'll meet the most dedicated and philanthropic members of the running community. But if running a marathon seems a bit daunting, you can still get the fitness benefits through more effective training.

Very few people understand how to improve their running because they don't know how to manage their times, sa
041910HEALTH2.jpgys Gret Tekulve vice president of Tekulve Acceleration Training. "Running efficiency is all in time management," he says. "And when you run more efficiently, you won't waste your time."

Tekulve Acceleration Training provides individualized speed and strength programs for athletes, but the training isn't just valuable for superstar athletes (though some of their past clients include Anthony Munoz of the Cincinnati Bengals; Sommer Settell, the inaugural Flying Pig Marathon champion; and Olympic Gold Medalist Heather Mitts, who took the USA Women's Soccer team to a win in 2004). They also offer programs for rehabilitating athletes and for those who are returning to a sport in order to prevent future injuries.

Their training can help any age and fitness level, and they work with athletes of all levels, Tekulve
041910HEALTH3.jpgsays. Also, they have one of the most extensively researched programs in the city, with more than 25 years of science and research to back up their program. "We can do more quality of work in just one hour for a high intensity workout with a better result than you would get running in a field," he says.

More than 22,000 people have gone through their training, whether it was as a sports team or a one-on-one basis. In addition to their on-site training, they have two facilities in Anderson and West Chester.

"Our clients range from age 8 to 74!" Tekulve says. Upon mention of a 74 year old training with Tekulve and his brother, Owner Rocky Tekulve, Cincy Chic had to check it out. Click the play button on the video below to see what the first day of Tekulve Acceleration Training would be like.

Kirsten Schaffer

Videographer: Kirsten Schaffer
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