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Written by Linda Palacios   
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 13:47

Measuring the Minutes
One local woman transformed into an entrepreneur when she dealt with her daughter's frustrations with time. Discover how her innovation can help ease your frustrations too.

When her inquisitive daughter constantly asked questions dealing with time, Cincinnati native Jan Rogers had frustrations on two levels. First, the questions became interruptive and annoying, and second, and more importantly, Rogers felt helpless in helping her daughter understand the concept of time.


Determined to meet these frustrations with a solution, Rogers turned to existing technologies only to increase her frustrations. Digital clocks only seemed to show a random series of numbers. Analog clocks were just circles with numbers and lines. The kitchen timer was just a "bell in space," and while her daughter knew it was coming, she had no idea of when it would sound, Rogers says. Nothing helped Rogers' daughter understand time as a measurement.


And that's when Rogers decided to put time on her side by creating a new device. After several models and modifications, Rogers achieved her solution with the Time Timer.


Consisting of a basic timer with a red disk, the Time Timer actually shows time as a measurement. As the minutes tick away, the red disk disappears little by little. By being able to see time, the concept of time clicked for her daughter, but this little device solves more problems than just her daughter's frustrations.



From education to business to special needs to everyday life, the Time Timer can help you and your family stay in control of your time. Mothers can set the timer for quiet time, letting the kids know that when the red disappears, they can go back to play, Rogers says. This gives the mom some time to herself without questions of "When will quiet time be over?" and "How much longer?"


Businesswomen can use it to help them time PowerPoint presentations or to get to appointments on time, Rogers says. As they make their preparations to leave for a meeting, they easily can look up to see how much "red" they have, without needing to do a math equation in their head of how much more time they have left.


One of Rogers' customers even introduced the Time Timer to her Bible study group. Participants were having trouble finding 15 minutes to focus on their readings, but by using the Time Timer, the Bible study group members found it easier to map out time for their studies, Rogers says.


As Rogers realized the impact of her creation, she decided to expand her reach, so the Time Timer isn't just limited to one product. The clock version itself comes in three different sizes, and watches, software and apps are also available. Rogers sells two styles of watches and Time Timers for your iPhone, iPod Touch or computer.


For more information about Rogers or her innovations, check out


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Jan Rogers
Location: The McAlpin

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