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041910FEATURE.jpg Finding the Time
Sharing time-saving secrets
Last week we talked about saving Mother Earth, and now, it's time to take control of Father Time. Break free from your cell where hours, minutes and seconds hold you prisoner. Just follow these tried and tested time-saving tips from the
Cincy Chic staff.

As a strong, confident woman, it's hard to let go of the reigns. Nothing feels less natural than being completely out of control, and nothing helps you feel more on top of the world than when everything is under control. So saddle up, lady, grab those reigns, and take control of the 24 hours of your day with our helpful hints toward time-management success in every aspect of your life.


Clockworking Your Career


The first step toward enjoying a work/life balance is achieving a balance on each side of that slash mark — work and life. To manage both her work and life better, Publisher Amy Storer-Scalia uses the PEND system. Standing for "putting an end to needless distraction," this filing system allows her to get things out of sight and out of mind while offering a surefire plan to complete each task. To learn more about this easy-to-implement organizational tool, check out some of Cincy Chic's past articles with "Simplicity Hides the Hard" or "Progress Passwords."


Another couple of hour-saving measures Storer-Scalia takes in her professional life involve how she schedules her meetings. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays serve as meeting days, and Mondays and Fridays are follow up days. "This way, I can work from home without any interruption," she says, so that she can stay focused on the follow-ups at hand.


To take her meeting scheduling a step further, Storer-Scalia first evaluates whether an in-person meeting is necessary or if all communication easily could take place over the phone or even e-mail. If an in-person meeting is essential, she tries to arrange her meetings by location. So she'll schedule East-side meetings on the same day and take care of the West-side appointments on her next meeting day. "I find that saves a lot of time to not be running all over town from one appointment to another," she says.


tiptoenailstudioIn-Story-GIF.gif Being Fashionably… on Time


From wardrobe organization to general preparation, you can take control of your fashion so that you can complement your style with punctuality. To do this, Sales Support Finance Manager Renie Heroux organizes her closet with like colors together and like pieces together, so dresses won't be mixed up with pants and shirts won't be between skirts.


Also, Heroux incorporates a time-saving tip into her nightly routine. "I pick out [my outfit] the night before and have it ready because I get up so early each day for work," she says.


Another helpful preparation tip comes from me, Editor Linda Palacios. Whenever I get home from a shopping trip, I try on all of the purchases of the day with various outfits in my existing wardrobe. I see which bottoms go best with my new tops and vice versa. Then I figure out how I can accessorize to achieve different looks. In addition to discovering a bunch of different ways I can use my new loot, taking this time up-front helps me know what looks good so I quickly can grab a whole outfit in full confidence that it will work.


Watching Your Weight


When the sand's running low in your hourglass, you still can work toward that ideal hourglass figure. In fact, short, intense workouts actually help you lose weight faster than longer, less intense times at the gym, says Jason Harbin, personal trainer at the Red Bank location of BEAT Personal Training. Sales Manager Asheley Wessling goes to Harbin for her workout needs.


"Jason explained it to me as: 'Your body does not want to burn fat. Period. You have to work at a very high intensity to "trick" your body into thinking it needs to burn its "emergency fuel." So you get more done in way less time and it's safer on your joints,' " Wessling says.


To make Wessling's time management even easier, Harbin taught her several interval cardio exercises she can do without even going to the gym, and in less than 15 minutes she can be more effective than what used to take her an hour. "It's definitely much harder, but it's so worth saving the time," Wessling says.


Achieving Timeless Beauty


When Heroux wants to look great but save time, she gets a spray tan. "That means I don't have to wear as much makeup, and that, in turn, does save me time," she says. Most days, she puts on mascara and eyeliner and is out the door.


I love the creativity involved behind putting on makeup, so instead of saving time with my brushes and colors, I save time in the shower. With my curly hair type, my hair just works better if I don't wash it every day. So instead of giving my hair a full shampoo-and-conditioner treatment, I leave many showers with my hair dry.


When I really need to speed things up, though, I have a couple different makeup regimens. So before I even put on any makeup toward my masterpiece, I decide how much time I have and which regimen will work for that time. Foundation, eyeliner and a light blush is my quickest setup.


Scheduling Your Social Life


Many times when I get together with my friends, we team up for various responsibilities or tasks. One time a girlfriend and I might organize her storage room, while another time we might paint my bedroom. Doing it together helps us motivate each other and spend time together, and we actually get done quicker than if we would do each project by ourselves. This way, we also can spend more time together between our regular social times because we don't have to choose housework or hang time. We can do both!


Do you have any time-saving tips that make your life a little easier? Please share in the comments section below!


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Models: Amy Storer-Scalia, Asheley Wessling, Renie Heroux, Stephanie Zastawa, Kirsten Schaffer
Location: The McAlpin

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