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Written by Eleni Snider   
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 13:36

Adding an Extra Hour to Your Day
One Cincinnati-based company comes to rescue you from daily errands and chores that you feel like you have no time for. Find out how they essentially give you a 25th hour in your day.

When you have to go to Kroger, take the kids to school, then pick them up from afternoon sports and cook dinner, wouldn't it be great if you could have a 25th hour in your day? Now, Cincinnatians can have that extra hour but not from some magical powers or fairy godmother.


25th Hour Associates helps the busy moms of the city get everything done in one day. The company officially launched in January 2009 after much research and design. It consists of six employees as well as subcontractors for specific services, who have to uphold certain ratings to stay associated with the company.


The services offered fall in three sets of maintenance: home, auto and personal. For example, they lend a hand for routine car maintenance, housecleaning, errands, handyman work, remodeling, yard work and even gutter cleaning.


"What we do is we simplify our clients' lives by freeing them up to do what matters most," says Kevin Gilles, founder and CEO of 25th Hour Associates. And they do this by simply managing the routine jobs that keep their clients from doing what they really want to do.


tiptoenailstudioIn-Story-GIF.gif Gilles and his company usually start with simple services for clients, and then, with time, their clients gain trust in them and start using the company for other services and help.


"We really have a heart for the woman that manages the house because we feel their burden," Gilles says. He and his employees want to help free up women to spend more time with their kids, go on a date with their spouse or even travel.


Beyond the busy family with kids that the 25th Hour Associates serves, the area's young professionals also benefit from the company's services. They mostly hand over their auto work and maintenance tasks.


Gilles and his team really support and promote the concept of work/life balance. They have hopes of working with employers to help their employees find balance because the workplace is a common place where Americans get stressed. Employees who have a good work/life balance tend to be healthier, more productive and more loyal to their company, Gilles says.


An extra fun fact about 25th Hour Associates is that the company is a biznistry. "It's a cross between a business and a ministry," Gilles says. "It's typically for people who have a mind for business but a heart for ministry."


And Cincinnati increasingly is becoming a common home for more and more biznistries, which have more of a self-sustaining business plan while remaining faith-based and supportive of ministry.


Visit 25th Hour Associates at for more information about the services offered and how to contact them.

Image courtesy of 25th Hour Associates

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