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Written by Linda Palacios   
Friday, 26 March 2010 11:20

Funny Fashion
Whether it was a wardrobe malfunction or a "What was I thinking?" moment,
Cincy Chic asked you to share your funny moments in fashion, and here are the top two (with a little bonus).

Everyone looks back at some photos and thinks, "What was I thinking?" You might have been the independent 6 year old who thought the purple stripes went with the neon pink flowers, or you might have sported a quickly fading fad that never should have been around to begin with. Whatever it is, we asked you to dare to share your experiences with Cincy Chic readers. So here are the top two stories with a bonus experience from yours truly.


Hit and Ripped


Reader Christopher Andrews donned his suit and tie for a college formal a couple years ago and put on his nice dancing shoes. He slid on a pair of shades and packed a sweat band (just in case), and he was ready to boogie! Everyone was out on the dance floor cutting a rug when "Low" by Flo Rida started blaring from the speakers. This was Andrews' moment.


As he followed suit with the words, "She hit the flo!" he busted more than just a move. As he hit the floor, his pants seam busted, leaving his boxers exposed. Thinking quickly, he grabbed his coat, tied it around his waist and interpreted the idea of coattails in a new way. Nevertheless, he toned down his moves a bit for the rest of the night but left with quite the story to tell. 1209KROMBHOLZ.gif


 Flowery Funeral


It was a somber day for reader Cynthia Winston-Ford. Today, she would bury her grandmother. "The cars were lining up for the ride to the cemetery," Winston-Ford says. "I decided to use that time to quickly run to the ladies' room." After a speedy detour, she returned to find her friend Jennifer laughing hysterically from her car. As Jennifer was lined up for a funeral procession, Winston-Ford didn't exactly understand the comedic value of the moment until Jennifer, unable to talk through her laughter, pointed out the origin of hilarity.


"When I realized what she was pointing to, I reached around and felt my butt and realized that the entire back of my dress was tucked into my underwear, exposing my flower-print panties to the entire funeral procession!" Winston-Ford says. Turns out that speedy detour was a little too quick for comfort!


Heroic Grammar032910FASHION2.jpg


When I was in college at Ohio University, the Scripps School of Journalism held an annual Grammar Smack Down event. Teams of grammar nerds would join forces to conquer each other in hopes to win the monetary top prizes. Other prizes included "best dressed" and "best team name," so the contest brought out some creativity too.


My first year, my team had decided to be the super commas (a glorious nickname for a semi-colon), and we planned to dress up as super heroes. I dove into the challenge, pulling out black tights, a blanket "cape" and other Clark Kent-transforming wardrobe pieces.


When I got to the competition, I was surprised to find that my teammates had backed out of our costum idea and opted for a black tee shirt with jeans. Luckily, I don't get embarrassed too easily, so I just held my head high as I wore my bright pink panties outside my tights.




Top Photo
Photo courtesy of Christopher Andrews

Bottom Photo
Photo courtesy of Linda Palacios


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