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Written by Linda Palacios   
Thursday, 25 March 2010 15:01

Eliminating Laugh Lines
You have the right to pursue happiness — without the worry of wrinkles. Learn how one local company can keep you naturally beautiful with their natural skincare line that fights those fine lines.

Laughter serves as such a positive aspect of life, but after years of smiling and laughing, your sense of humor can take a toll on your face. Hundreds of laughs on top of thousands of smiles begin to make their mark, but Tzone Skincare Owner Helena Armour shares her expertise that will keep you smiling by getting rid of those fine lines and wrinkles.


When it comes to tackling any lines or wrinkles, Armour recommends three different products: vitamin C, peptides and Retin-A (vitamin A). Vitamin C promotes natural collagen production. As collagen promotes skin strength and elasticity, it provides for fresher, more youthful skin. The lack of collagen production can lead to wrinkles, and jump starting that production can have the opposite effect.


Peptide treatments really have been making a mark on the dermaceutical industry recently, and they are "here to stay," Armour says. These mighty warriors mimic botox, as they inhibit certain facial muscles from moving, preventing more lines. Peptides are great for marionette lines, also called smile lines, Armour says.


Beyond benefitting your eyes and color vision, vitamin A actually can repair fine lines too. And Retin-A works excellently to repair acne and scaring, Armour says. Vitamin A also brightens your complexion, as it sheds dead cells.



Both vitamin C and vitamin A can be ingested, but rarely does this help your skin. When these vitamins are taken orally, their beneficial properties help many different organs, but after going from the liver to the lungs, the benefits don't reach the skin. This is why Armour recommends a topical product that goes directly on the skin, which absorbs the product immediately.


Tzone Skincare offers these topical products among their other skincare and makeup selections. As the company is a cosmeceutical/dermaceutical supplier, these products have the highest strength the Food and Drug Administration allows without a prescription.


To make your products more effective, Tzone Skincare offers monthly 30 percent glycolic acid face peels complimentary to customers who buy at least four skincare products every three months. This treatment strips the skin of dead cells and removes free radicals that can damage your skin. With these removed, skincare products do not meet them as a barrier from absorption, so the skin receives the full benefits of the products.


For more information about Tzone Skincare or laugh line reduction, head to or call (513) 607-5687.




Photo courtesy of Helena Armour

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