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Adding humor to a relationship

If laughter is the best medicine, one reader and her husband are self-medicating with all of the pranks they pull on each other. Learn how this couple pulls a good one (or two) on each other without sacrificing their relationship.

Nothing can replace the feeling you get with a good laugh — whether internal or external. And no matter a person's sense of humor, nobody can deny the importance of having that humor in her life.


In honor of April Fools' Day this week, Cincy Chic wanted to share a laugh or two with you, so we asked readers to send in stories of pranks they have experienced as the prankster or the victim. One woman and her prank-filled relationship struck our funny bone, so we're passing her stories on to you.


When reader Traci McManaway and her husband, Brian McManaway, were still just "boyfriend and girlfriend," they worked together at Milano's Atlantic City Submarines in Dayton, Ohio. The two cooked in the kitchen with a staff filled with people who all enjoyed getting a good laugh from a prank.


0110Fence_INSTORY.gif So one day, Traci McManaway teamed up with a couple of her co-workers to make her now husband the butt of the joke. "Me and the bartender, Curtis, and a manager Leon were cooking up an April Fools' prank that would end up almost putting my husband in the hospital. (We didn't know this at the time)," Traci McManaway says. 


Using his mixing abilities, the bartender carefully concocted some fake blood, spending more than an hour perfecting the potion. "See we worked with VERY sharp knives that were sharpened every Friday, and a lot of people cut themselves," Traci McManaway says. So she and the manager masterminded the project with the who, what, where, when and how. Why? Because they wanted to get a laugh at the expense of Brian McManaway.


"When Curtis gave the word, I turned into an Oscar Winning actress and pretended that I had cut my hand almost in half. We had to wear gloves, so it really looked real," Traci McManaway says. And once she "cut" her hand, each prankster played their part in the project. Traci McManaway ran out the back door, the bartender followed with first aid supplies, and the manager calmed her then boyfriend enough to be able to go see his future wife.


As Traci McManaway bent over "in pain," the bartender pretended to jostle things in the first aid box, trying to find something to fix a fake cut and also trying not to laugh. "Brian came out, and seeing the 'blood' and Curtis' 'freaking out,' started screaming, 'Call 911!' We all started laughing," Traci McManaway says.


It was then, though, that Brian McManaway was lying on the pavement unable to breathe and saying his chest hurt. "He ended up being okay but had to endure a lot of snickering and laughing all night. He was mad at us for about three days and vowed there would be payback.," Traci McManaway says. 1209KROMBHOLZ.gif


Oh, there was payback, alright. "I would have to say he gets his payback every day. Don't worry, I'm just as good at getting him," she says. But when the couple was still working together at Milano's, Brian McManaway repeatedly did something to make his future wife stop cold in her tracks.


After Traci McManaway would arrive at work and start her shift, Brian McManaway would slip away to get his revenge. He would kidnap her zip-up hoodie jacket and soak it in water. And just in case the soak wasn't enough to help her chill out, he would put her hoodie in the freezer. "By the time I was ready to leave for the night he would be just cracking up! I found my poor, frozen jacket in the industrial freezer," Traci McManaway says. So much for a warm embrace!


No matter the prank, though, Brian and Traci McManaway found a way to forgive or get revenge on the other person (most likely the latter), so the couple is now happily married. "Yes, I am lucky he still married me because he is a really great, honest guy," Traci McManaway says. But that great, honest guy didn't give up the pranks in his wedding vows — and neither did she.


One day recently, she was enjoying a nice, hot shower when a prank hit. "He ran in and dumped a whole pot full of ICE WATER on me," Traci McManaway says. "We prank each other a lot. It's just who we are. We have three kids, so we gotta make time for us, whether it's pranking each other or just hanging out."

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