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Thursday, 18 March 2010 07:29

Best Dressed Desserts
What's the secret to eating sweets yet staying slim? Choosing the right indulgence. And this bakery offers the best-kept sugary secret in town as they serve up cookies without so many calories.

The Queen City is truly spoiled with guilty pleasures. From one world-famous French-churned ice cream joint, to an almost 24/7 "dairy farmer" chain serving up malts and homemade ice cream pints to a cake shop/tea room with almond cream icing to die for, this city is overflowing with treats to keep your taste buds tempted. But if you're on a diet that doesn't allow much room for black raspberry chip rations, you might be able to whet your appetite for sweets on just about 140 calories.

That's right: The new "Skinny Cookie" at Busken Bakery has only 140 calories. This is about an 18 percent reduction in calories from their normal smiley cookies. Only this time, the cookie is smiling because of its thin new shape, unique recipe, and 50 percent fewer grams of fat than its rounder older brother.

What's the secret to this blissful baked good that was introduced in January? It's all in the new-to-market shortening, Busken Bakery Co-owner Brian Busken says.

The skinny cookies boxes are flying off of the shelves, says Tina Toole, who has been with Busken Bakery since 1992. "People love them because they taste about the same as the regular cookies," she says.

However, Busken Bakery's slim 'n' trim cookie isn't the only secret that they're keeping. If you haven't heard yet, Busken has kept the recipe to a certain frozen secret for more than 30 years. Click the play button below to find out about this low-fat snack.

Sweet Secrets

If you're looking for more than the standard plate of cookies for your Easter festivities and don't mind a few extra calories, mix it up with an order of schnecken. Schnecken is a doughy loaf that is shaped in rolls and covered with a caramelized butter glaze and raisins. "This one will send you to the ER because it is so good," says Dan Busken, Brian Busken's brother and co-owner of Busken Bakery.

Before buying this loaf of heaven, take a look at the packaging. It's from the old Virginia Bakery in Cincinnati, which closed down a few years back. According to local tradition, people would line up for schnecken from the bakery on Christmas and Easter and they would be allowed only six loaves per customer.

Another sweet treat, which is also Brian Busken's favorite, is worth taking over to your next dinner party. This simply-delicious, easier-than-pie recipe actually outsells their pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving. Try a bite at the Madison Road location and you'll be smitten the moment you munch.

For a fun trip with the little ones at the Madison road bakery, take them over to Caketown, where they can watch the Busken Bakery pastry chefs whip up the clever cakes. You also can purchase a portion of forgotten cake orders at the bakery. Some people in town actually call in cake orders, "forget" to pick them up, and come in the next day for the discounted portions, Toole says.

"Really, we've had people come in and say, 'Hey, where are the cake portions?,' and I'd say, 'We don't have any today.' Then they'd say, 'You have to! I ordered one on Sunday, but I forgot to pick it up,' " she says, laughing.

If you still are devoted to the tea cookies and cheery-faced sugar cookies, there's always plenty to be eaten. The pumpkin faced cookie actually sells out most frequently, Brian Busken says.

"People are convinced it tastes better for some reason! Even though, really, it's made from the exact recipe — just a different color," he says.

Busken Bakery's election cookies have a sort of clairvoyant power, Dan Busken says. Whenever there is a presidential election, they offer cookies with caricatures of the presidential candidates. They encourage customers to buy a box of whichever candidate to keep a cookie tally. Apparently, they've predicted the winner of the election, every year.

Whether you are sticking to a diet plan or are sticky with schnecken, Busken has something for everyone. With Easter celebrations right around the corner, make sure you head over for all of your post-meal treats.

Photo courtesy of Busken Bakery

Videographer: Kirsten Schaffer
Location: Yagoot
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