Accessorized Design

Accessorized Design
Two local businesses show how you can accessorize to up the style factor in your space and create a home that's as fashionable and trendy as your wardrobe!

Being fashionable isn't just about the clothes you wear, shoes you strut and accessories you flaunt. Cincy Chic thinks being fashionable is all of that and more, including the way you decorate and fashion your home with your fabric, color and furniture selections. These two local businesses really know the true meaning of "fashion for your home."


Su Casa es Tu Casa


After working at Closson's as a staff designer for 10 years, Tina DeLorenzo decided to open up her own elaborate pillow making business in 1991 to help Cincinnatians accessorize any piece of furniture in their homes.


1209KROMBHOLZ.gif Casa DeLorenzo offers custom pillow orders as well as interior design services. She collects her exquisite fabrics from past trips to Europe, New York dealers and "haunts" around the country, she says. For custom orders, clients set up an in-home consultation to establish the pillow size, style, fabrics and scale. As an extra bonus, DeLorenzo puts invisible zippers on her creations. She even makes some of them reversible as well so that clients can get a two-in-one deal.


"Pillows are a great way to make a statement in a room. I call them jewelry for your furniture. There are so many fabulous fabrics available, no matter what your style is, there is a fabric that can make a personal statement," DeLorenzo says.


As for trends that DeLorenzo predicts will dominate her pillows this year, she thinks there will be many turquoise and peacock prints as well as purple, amethyst and large graphic pattern fabrics. (Sounds like the "Trends" section in this month's In Style magazine.)


Visit for more information on the Oakley store hours and DeLorenzo's Shutterfly share site to view examples of her pillow designs and interior design work.


Taking the HighStreet


Located in Over the Rhine, HighStreet Cincinnati offers clients an interior design studio and a lifestyle store filled with special one-of-a-kind products. Owners Leah Spurrier and Matt Knotts have many years of interior design experience under their belts with their split-in-half commercial and residential designing services.


"Good interior design and furniture are always fashionable in the home. We strive to create designs that transcend fashion, using quality pieces so that the investment has endurance. Then you can have fun with topical, whimsical things. You can fall in love temporarily with something, incorporate it for a while, then bless and release," Knotts says.


Spurrier suggests that neutral design pieces as major accessories in the home can keep you "in [the] flow with the fastness of fashion within the interior of your home. It's like putting exciting clothes on a terrific body. We don't get a new body with the seasons (at least most of us do not) — but new accessories, that's doable, reasonable and a lot of fun," Spurrier says. Try this seasonably changeable design with a white bedspread with different pillows and blankets, depending on your mood and season.


As for future trends for this year, the HighStreet pair predicts that Moroccan and Middle Eastern031510FASHION3.jpg cultures will inspire geometric designs and darker, more exotic colors.


Along with HighStreet's Web site and online store, the business also has a blog that acts more like a lifestyle magazine.




Top Photo
Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Tina de Lorenzo, owner of Casa de Lorenzo
Makeup: Trina Paul
Location: The McAlpin

Second Photo and Bottom Photos
Photos courtesy of HighStreet Cincinnati

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