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Written by Linda Palacios   
Friday, 12 March 2010 04:36

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Place-polishing trends from Paris

You eat there. You sleep there. You live there. So your home should be a stylish safe haven for you to relax and enjoy. To help make that happen
Cincy Chic turned to a local expert to pass on the latest trends from Paris and beyond.

You know the phrase: Home is where the heart is. So to make your house your home, you have to put your heart in it. Whether your passion shines in home fashions or your desire comes through in decor, the dedication you put into the interior design of the space that surrounds you truly makes a difference in your life.


Just as you search, shop, try and buy for your personal wardrobe, dressing your space takes some quality time and a stylish eye. To help you translate today's interior design trends into your own place, Cincy Chic went to Sherri Kohnle, interior designer and owner of Le Petite Cottage. An interior designer for almost 17 years, Kohnle recently took her annual "inspiration" trip to Paris. And she shares her experience and expertise with you so that you can brighten your abode and lighten your life.


Cincy Chic: You just came back from Paris, so what are some design trends you saw in one of the most trend-setting cities in the world?



Kohnle: I loved the colors I was seeing. Without exception (whether in clothing or in interior design shops), it was plums, soft oranges and faded blues — almost teal but not quite. I didn't see as much black as I expected, so that was fun and unexpected. The soft oranges and plums played well against a lot of different backdrops. I was in Germany also and saw the same colors there as well as hot greens everywhere — a real fresh look for spring!


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Cincy Chic: What other trends are big or up-and-coming in the interior design world?


Kohnle: A great industrial look. It is both classic and out-of-the-box contemporary. What better look than an industrial cocktail table on wheels with a traditional sofa? Eclectic and exciting!


Cincy Chic: Why are these particular trends hitting the design world?


Kohnle: I believe everyone is tired of feeling afraid of the darkness we have been in with the economy. It's almost like a rebirth.


Cincy Chic: What are some easy ways Cincy Chic readers can incorporate each of these trends into their already-existing design?


Kohnle: Pay attention to the colors that surround you. Don't be afraid to change things up with what you already have. Give that old sofa a new look with some fabulous pillows. Re-cover the chair that has had the same fabric for 20 years. Just bring some life and light into your home.


Cincy Chic: How can Le Petite Cottage help make this incorporation happen?


Kohnle: I have always loved color and am affected by it in my surroundings. I love to see a client's face light up when I introduce a color they had never considered. Then when the project is finished, they are so excited with even subtle changes. That's why I don't charge for my time. Sometimes all someone needs is to be given a direction, and it changes their life. No one should have to pay for that!


Cincy Chic: Do fashion and home fashion trends correlate at all? If so, how are you seeing this correlation with today and tomorrow's trends?


Kohnle: Yes, of course! Color and prints always follow home trends as well as on the runway. Fabric mills work in unison with each other. I always ask a client what color is dominant in their closet. If the answer is black, I know they are afraid of color, but when they see how we can bring the slightest hints of great color in, they love it. It changes the way they think of their clothing as well as their surroundings at home. It all goes together!


For more information about how you can put your heart and soulful color into your interior design, head to Le Petite Cottage at 20 Village Square in Glendale, Ohio or call (513) 771-0786. In addition to their extensive furniture and decor accessory options, Le Petite Cottage offers interior design services to help you update your place.


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Sherri Kohnle, owner of Le Petite Cottage
Makeup: Trina Paul
Location: The McAlpin

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