Achieving an Attractive Abode

Achieving an Attractive Abode
Just as you put on your makeup and fix your hair, your space needs some primping too. This local expert helps you give your place a makeover in just three steps.

Your space reflects you, so it's no wonder you want it to be beautiful. Well, set your worries aside and follow the advice of Kim Wildenmann, interior designer and owner of Splendid Spaces, as she helps you transform your place as easy as 1, 2, 3.


1. Revitalize


As you might have read in this week's feature story, interior design follows trends just like fashion. With these trends, everything outside a classic piece will go out of style. So to beautify your space, you need to revitalize it.


One of the major areas in need is furniture. While those peach and turquoise flowers on your sofa might have been great in the '70s or '80s, today they're not so spectacular. Beyond colors, furniture can wear down or collect stains.


To revamp your furniture to transform your space, Wildenmann offers furniture makeovers, which could entail anything from reupholstering to getting new cushions. Wildenmann recently took her own couch for a makeover. Complete with reupholstering, new legs and a new cushion, her couch went through a complete transformation at a fraction of the cost of getting a new couch.


2. Colorize


The easiest, most affordable way to revitalize a place is painting, and paint colors top the list of the design elements with wh031510BEAUTY2.jpgich people need help. "People just struggle so much when choosing the right color," Wildenmann says.


To help alleviate this problem, Splendid Spaces offers color consultations. These consultations allow clients to develop a palette that will be pleasing to them and their guests. As paint is easily matched to any color, Wildenmann generally likes to work with fabrics and accessories before nailing down a paint color.


Many times the furniture and accessories are already in place, so Wildenmann brings in paint samples to see the colors in the specific lighting and decor of the house. Through suggestion and discussion, Wildenmann helps clients come up with a color scheme to unify the house and make everything flow.


3. Personalize


The difference between a model home and a real home is in the personalization, and this individualized design will help you see more beauty in your space. One of the most common pitfalls of personalization, though, comes with photos. Many people fall victim to unmatched frames in haphazard locations, so Wildenmann works with clients to designate a specific place to showcase their loved ones.


031510BEAUTY3.jpgBeyond photos, you can personalize your space with murals offered by Splendid Spaces. From beach landscapes to European street scenes, Wildenmann helps realize her customers' visions for their wall art. These murals can add a touch of fun to a child's room or provide a way to escape in your own home.


No matter how you want to beautify your space, though, you need to take the first step to make it happen. "No project is too small," Wildenmann says. You have to start somewhere.


For more information about Wildenmann and Splendid Spaces, head to or call (513) 941-0767.



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Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Kim Wildenmann
Location: The McAlpin

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Photos courtesy of Kim Wildenmann

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