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Written by Linda Palacios   
Monday, 08 March 2010 01:09

"Back" in the Game
The sweat and grime that come with getting in shape might be putting your skin in worse shape. This spa treatment can keep you as fresh as you feel after a nice workout.

Sports can be hard on your body. While most people have learned to take precautions to prevent injury to bones, muscles and tendons, many forget the largest organ of their body — their skin. Well, it's time to remember, and Tuscany Spa-Salon Esthetician Tamara Saling fills you in on a new trend that will help you make up for forgotten time.


"A growing number of athletes, both male and female, are getting facials and spa treatments as a healthy approach to skin and body care," Saling says. And those facials aren't just for your face anymore. Tuscany offers a special service called a back facial that pampers your back.


As you work out, your T-shirt holds your sweat against your back, and your sports bra just rubs it back in. Disgusting, right? But it gets worse before it gets better. "Some of the major skin problems in athletes are acne, contact/irritants dermatitis, bacterial and viral infections, calluses and sun damage," Saling says. But back facials can turn those problems into a solution.


This one-hour service exfoliates, detoxifies and hydrates. Before all that happens, your service provider will cleanse your skin and use steam to help open pores and remove "embedded impurities," Saling says. Then your service provider will analyze your skin to determine the skin's condition and what products might work best with that condition.


After an exfoliation scrub smoothes and decongests your skin, "a mask is applied that is specific to your skin's needs that detoxifies, calms hydrates and brightens the skin," Saling says. So your back will be left refreshed and de-stressed.


As if it couldn't get better, aromatic oils or lotions are massaged into your fresh skin. So after you put constant stress on your muscles, they get a renewal break as the massage increases circulation and hydration.


In addition to back facials, Tuscany offers several services to benefit athletes. From body wraps to sports manicures and pedicures, you can treat your body from head to toe. For an extra special treat, pamper yourself with a therapeutic athletic performance massage. "Perfect for golfers, runners, soccer and tennis players, professional athletes, or anyone who desires to improve agility, flexibility and increased range of motion, this massage targets specific sports needs and improves overall performance," Saling says.


For more information about these services or to schedule your appointment, visit, call (513) 489-8872 or head to 11355 Montgomery Road.




Photo courtesy of Tuscany Spa-Salon


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