Show me the Money

Show me the Money
While not every blog will put pennies in the bank, one local blogger shares how you can create a better chance for your blog's money-making abilities.

Blogs have made their way from low-key journals to virtually high-profile publications. With this continually increasing participation from bloggers comes an increased desire for monetization. "Everybody who finds out you have a blog, that's what the question is that they want to know — how you monetize, and the direct people will come out and ask you," says Debba Haupert, founder and owner of Girlfriendology and co-founder of the Cincinnati Women Bloggers.


Cincy Chic was part of that direct crowd and asked Haupert what she would recommend to a woman looking to make money off her blog, and here's what she had to say:


Set the Stage



Before your pupils dilate with dollar signs, your blog must have two essential ingredients. The first of the two is passion. You must write about something that will keep you coming back to the keyboard without getting key-bored. The second ingredient is audience. While you might be genuinely passionate about your blog's topic, you need to have other people with that same passion so that they will read you blog and be your audience.


Also, setting a standard for yourself can't hurt. Haupert monitors her blog to be sure that all material lives up to the image she wants to portray. Everything should be positive and noncontroversial. Maintaining a standard for yourself will help readers know what to expect from you, and it will drive off fewer viewers.


To gain those viewers in the first place, you need to make your blog visible in the virtual world. Haupert recommends being an active participant on other blogs. Read similar blogs and post relevant comments with a link to your own blog. Or even request to write as a guest on a similar blog with more readers.


Also get your word out to various media sources. Contact blog radio shows to let them know that you are available for an interview. If your blog has a news-worthy event, write up a formal press release and send it out to traditional media sources.


Ad up the Savings


Once you've set your blog rolling, one of the most common ways to monetize your blog is through advertisements. While you can go out into the world and sell your own ads, Haupert recommends ad networks, like Google ads, BlogHer and Real Girls Media. These networks sell the ads for you, put them on your site, and reap a percentage of the profit, depending on the network.


A downside of ad networks is that often restrictions come into play. So if you want to cuss in every other sentence, an ad network won't want to be associated with you or your blog. Less obvious restrictions could include a set posting frequency or even limitations as to whether you may or may not review products, Haupert says.


An upside to the networks, however, is that many times the ads will be for national products. These major-name ads make the blog look a little more popular and important


Sail away on the Sponsorship


Another money-maker is through a private or corporate sponsorship. These sponsorships generally give ad priority to the sponsor, but that depends on the relationship. Similar to the ad networks, sponsorships generally come with a list of restrictions and guidelines for the blogger. While you can present yourself for a sponsorship, this monetary route generally involves the sponsors seeking out their desired blogs.




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