Spring Trend Report

022210FEATURE.jpg Spring Trend Report
Blooming fashion fads

Tired of seeing white and shivering in the cold? Well,
Cincy Chic has a cure for your cabin fever — a look into what spring will bring. Two Cincinnati boutique owners forecast the hottest trends that are sure to bring a warm front to your wardrobe. 

So you've been snowed in, cooped up, held hostage by white fluff. No matter how you say it, you're ready for the green grass and chirping birds of spring — or at least the green grass. Well, Soho Boutique Owner Amy Maynard and Obsess Boutique Owner Kelley Schweet offer their assistance in your warm-weather preparations as they give you the scoop on spring style.


Color me …


Brace yourself for bright because Maynard and Schweet agree that jewel tones will be painting your wardrobe beautiful. Not only will the blues, yellows, pinks and purples brighten your attire, "jewel tones work on a lot of people," Maynard says.


Beyond the jewels, get excited for some nautical inspiration with navy and white color combinations. "Navy and white stripes are everywhere," Maynard says. And the navy comes through in more than just stripes. From clothes to shoes and accessories to home decor, this "new black" has almost every facet of fashion showing it off. Even major designers like Chanel, Valentino and Versace salute to spring with navy incorporated into their spring line 022210FEATURE2.jpghandbags.


To Femininity and Beyond


The lighter, brighter colors will help you achieve a feminine look, and so will the ruffles and ruching that will help you enhance and show off your figure this season. "Ruffles add more shape to a boyish figure," Schweet says. And ruching helps "camouflage the imperfections in the tummy area," she says.


Flowy blouses also work well for spring. "One of my signature ways of wearing these blouses is tucked into skinny pants," Maynard says. "This provides some balance and shows a waist line while still getting the loose feminine look on top."


Skinny jeans are another way to accentuate your figure. Maynard recommends a boyfriend skinny jean that holds tight around your calf and ankle but gives you a little wiggle room with a more relaxed waist and thigh area.


Jeggings are a more extreme version of skinny jeans, and they'll be sticking around for another season. Virtually denim leggings, jeggings worked well in winter with their ability to fit nicely under boots. This style doesn't work for everyone, though, and Maynard recommends skinny jeans as the no-fail option.




The pretty colors and feminine fashions will be juxtaposed with the rocker chic with a couple continuing trends. Both studs and exposed zippers will stick around for the spring. "[Studs] came out pretty heavy last fall, and they're staying. They're absolutely staying," Maynard says. And this trend runs the gamut from high-end designs to frugalista finds at Target.


Ex022210FEATURE3.jpgposed zippers also bring metal into your style equation as they continue in their popularity. "I have dresses from French Connection that not only have zippers in the back but also two of them running on the front of the dress," Schweet says. Surprisingly, many of these zippers have been making their statement in gold rather than silver, she says.




Zippers won't be the only things exposed this spring as cutouts and keyholes give playfully sexy glimpses of skin. Keyholes in the backs of dresses have become popular, and Obsess Boutique carries some exposed-back dresses with a T-shaped shoulder/back feature.


And asymmetrical is in, Schweet says, so exposed shoulders will stay on-trend with one-shouldered pieces. From shirts to cocktail dresses and from flowy to fitted, this shape comes through in many different ways. No matter the way, though, these pieces are "a great way to be sexy without being over the top," Maynard says.


You even can bring the peek-a-boo fun to your feet! Both gladiator sandals and cut-out and open-toed booties will give you the chance to show off your pedicured tootsies as you stay stylishly sexy.


Most Valuable (P)layer


While peek-a-boo clothes expose your skin, sheer pieces keep you covered — but just barely. As you need to wear something underneath these items, the sheer pieces force you to follow another trend — layering. "Layering is huge now … It's amazing how many layering pieces we have," Schweet says.


Besides sheer selections, lighter weight jackets will be a must-have this spring to help you achieve that layered look. Choose a jacket that could pair with anything to have a more versatile wardrobe, or opt to incorporate the jewel-tone trend for a brighter look. "Anything goes with the color now. You want that pop of color, so I think a jacket is important," Schweet says.


Making it Work


Trends can fall flat if they're not executed correctly, so Maynard offers a guide to translating the trends into your own look.


1. "Start with a good basic." A simple dress that fits you well can do the trick. While Soho Boutique is known for beaded dresses, more simple dresses are in store for the spring. Choose one of these to dress up or dress down for many occasions. 2. "Mix your trends with accessories." Look to the layering trend by pairing your basic with a jacket, and incorporate the rocker chic style with a skinny little studded belt. Another look that might work is to add in a pair of gladiator sandals, a scarf and a cardigan.


3. "Try something new." Whether you choose to sport a color you've never seen in your wardrobe or select a style of shoe that you've been eyeing on others, Maynard challenges you to step out of your box. "If you add something new, it's just amazing sometimes how much it makes people feel better about themselves and helps them to see themselves in a more positive light," Maynard says. 0110Fence_INSTORY.gif


4. Snap a photo. When customers aren't sure whether they like a look or not, Maynard takes a photo of them in the outfit in question and lets them look at the photo. "It seems to help more so than just looking in the mirror sometimes," she says.


5. "Do not be afraid to ask for help." Not everyone is an expert in cars just as some struggle with fashion expertise, so Maynard recommends going into a boutique around town and asking for style advice from the experts.


To learn more about spring fashion trends, head to Soho Boutique at 2757 Observatory Avenue in Hyde Park or check out Obsess Boutique at 9393 Montgomery Road in Montgomery. Also, you can visit them online at or



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