Spring Your Man into Great Fashion

Spring Your Man into Great Fashion
The spring is calling for slimmer cuts and colors that pop! So how can you update your guy's basics into something a bit bolder? Local experts help you make it happen.

As you've probably figured out by now, not every man has an eye (or the desire) for style. So when it comes to updating a man's wardrobe for the spring and summer months, you'll probably be doing most of the shopping. This week Cincy Chic chatted with two men's fashion experts to bring you the freshest finds for spring, and get this: They're both women.

Freshly Cut Suits

"The average man isn't always cut in perfect shape like a New Yorker!" says Amanda Narloch, regional sales representative for Astor and Black. "But even the average guy can pull off a slimmer, custom-fit suit," she says.

The look you want to go for in the spring and going forward is a high-cut, two-button notch or peaked lapel, Narloch says."The peaked lapel is a lot more trendy, and you'll see that more on the straight-cut, more European-styled suits," she says.

For an idea of what a trendier, slimmer cut suit looks like, think of Joseph Gordon Levitt at the end of "(500) Days of Summer." The skinny tie and custom fit look is perfect for spring!

Patterns That Pop

We took a trip to the trendy tailors at Tom James and spoke with men's clothier Danielle Battaglia. Click the play button below to see how a pretty tie can update a blah, basic suit.

Even the conservatively dressed man can spice it up a bit with the small pocket square peeking out of the left breast pocket, Narloch says. It's a retro look you can use to complement your tie. Think "Mad Men" meets Mr. Manly.
"Try a striped tie with a patterned pocket square, maybe a paisley or checkered square. It doesn't necessarily have to match it, just complement it," Narloch says.

If you need help telling your guy just how to fold a pocket square, you'll love the advice and how-to's from the hilariously titled blog, The Art of Manliness. The video is located in the middle of the article.

Give (Teal, Mango and Mustard) Pants a Chance

If you've taken a look at the spring looks for women, you'll see lots of bright new shades of khaki pants paired with crisp bright tops! Of course, you don't want to overwhelm your sweetie with spring's cheeky shades. For the metro guy, Narloch recommends the bold tangerine, red, aqua and even purple shades of pants. For the more classic guy, opt for muted, garment-washed shades of these looks.

Neat-Looking Feet

For a quick and cheap way to update your guy's feet, pick out a few funky pairs of socks in a variety of colors and argyle patterns. (Either that or schedule him a pedicure before he attempts to wear sandals for the warmer days. Those feet have been locked up all winter and it's probably not pretty!)

Also, both Narloch and Battaglia recommend a new walnut-brown shoe to update a light gray suit. Black shoes always should be worn with charcoal, but walnut-brown works with the lighter colors.

Weekend Wear

One look is O-U-T for spring, so see what Battaglia says you should sneak out of his closet by clicking the play button below.

She also recommends introducing him to some brighter flannels for a laid-back but crisp look. Why not give gingham a go?

To update the graphic tee and jeans look that many Cincinnati guys are rocking on the weekends, check out the military-style jackets, Narloch says. "Instead of wearing a blazer or sport coat, a military jacket with four big pockets or epaulette shoulders is worn very well over those graphic tees," she says.

Check out the four-pocket, military-style jacket at J.Crew for an idea on what to look for when you're shopping.

Of course, Narloch and Battaglia are the gals to go to if you're looking for a great custom spring look for your man. You can reach Narloch at (513) 317-2267 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (513) 317-2267      end_of_the_skype_highlighting to schedule an appointment. Facebook friend Danielle at Tom James, and make sure you check out the Tom James fan page.


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Danielle Battaglia
Location: The McAlpin

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