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Written by Linda Palacios   
Thursday, 11 February 2010 08:40

RANK and File
Girlfriends go a long way in the motivation realm, so set each other up for success with this local running group. Learn how other members help you achieve your own goals.

Studies have shown that the people you are around can have an impact on your weight. Hang out with over-eaters, and you're more likely to start chowing down. Stick around the health-minded, and your vitamins and minerals might start stacking up. With this in mind, you and your girlfriends can be the positive impact on each other's waistlines and general health, and Runners Across Northern Kentucky (RANK) can help make it happen.


Started by local running enthusiast Earl Stanfield, RANK meets every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning to bring together a group of runners in training. The group rotates among three different meeting locations, which are Fusion Studio in Newport and the Florence and Independence locations of the Oxford Physical Therapy Centers.


The group started as a Flying Pig Marathon training group, but it quickly expanded to include other races, so one member might be training for a 5K while another works toward a half-marathon, says Beth Stanfield, Earl Stanfield's wife and current runner in-training for her first full marathon. Beyond the inclusion of various race lengths, RANK also welcomes all experience levels. From a Boston marathon qualifier to a runner who's just lacing up her shoes for her first race, RANK can accommodate a wide range of skill and training levels.



"Our idea was we were looking for people who were new to the whole running experience but don't necessarily want to feel like they're getting lost in the crowd," Beth Stanfield says.


She joined another training group to help her prepare for her first half-marathon, but in a group of about 600, she felt like just another number. "If we don't see people in a couple weeks, we're going to reach out to them and say, 'Hey, is everything OK? What can we do?' " Beth Stanfield says, so each member really becomes a part of the camaraderie.


This connectedness helps keep motivation high when loneliness kicks in on the course. As each runner continues to put one foot in front of the other, she knows she is getting one step closer either to seeing her group as she crosses the finish line or to cheering on that group once she has completed her own race, Beth Stanfield says.


The membership fee can come in the form of $20 or a case of water. Beth and Earl Stanfield absorb all of the other costs, including group T-shirts. To learn more about RANK, head to the group's Facebook page. Then grab your girlfriends and hit the road toward health!


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Models: Earl and Beth Stanfield
Location: The McAlpin

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