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Written by Linda Palacios   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 06:02

All the Single Ladies
Cincinnati might not be a dater's best friend, but one local woman chronicles her Queen City dating experiences to provide insight, encouragement and a couple of laughs.

Going from date to date, local woman Marianne Cafaro always had a story to tell. She would recap her latest experiences to her friends, and a group of Cincinnati Women Bloggers who had the chance to crack up at the tales encouraged Cafaro to share the hilarity with the world through a blog. So after one particular weekend of feeling like a single lady trapped in a "couple's world," Cafaro decided it was time to start the dating drama documentation, she says.


"So I just put together the blog on a Sunday, sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, and just started typing," she says. The stories started flowing like the Ohio River, and when she was done, she sent her friends a link to her first "Just a Single Girl in Cincy" blog. "And then it just sort of exploded from there," Cafaro says.


Through her experience, Cafaro has recognized the truth behind the cliché importance of "putting yourself out there" and trying new things, two of her top pieces of advice for the single-and-looking crowd. If you limit yourself to one type of hangout or one type of guy, you'll be stuck in a rut forever. "You won't know what you do want until you figure out what you don't want," she says.


And when you're making your list of what you do want, it's always nice to "write it" in pencil. "You have to be willing to edit your list as your life goes on … Every new date or every new experience, I either add or delete something from my list," she says.


No matter how your list changes, though, Cafaro recommends staying true to yourself through it all. "Just be yourself and stand up for yourself and not put up with a guy treating you badly," she says.


By taking her own advice, Cafaro has tried dating sites and stepped outside her dating criteria box, and she blogs about it all. She receives support from readers as she finds herself providing some readers with the encouragement they need as well. And for a gal who was always more aggressive on paper, Cafaro has become stronger in the verbal arena by finding empowerment in her blog.


To learn more about Cafaro's dating adventures, check out her blog at


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Marianne Cafaro
Location: The McAlpin

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